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Nioh: Plot of the Game
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Nioh: New Game +
Nioh: Series of Armor and Unique Weapons
Nioh: Redraw The Character
Nioh: Disguises
Nioh: Customization of Hair and Beard
Nioh: Molds, and alternative look Armor
Nioh: Amrita Easy
Nioh: Glory Easy
Nioh: Easy battles against the Bosses
Nioh: Clashes easily with Double Boss
Nioh: Familiarity with the Weapon and the Bonus Legacy
Nioh: All the Boss Fights
Nioh: All the positions of the Kodama
Nioh: All the fire demon to Itsukushima
Nioh: All the positions of the fragments Teakettle
Nioh: All the Locations of the Hot Springs
Nioh: More Cheats
Nioh: Comments on the Game and these Cheats

Plot of the Game

Release Date for this Game: 07/02/2017
Take up your sword and travel to Japan in the period bloody of Sengoku, a was devastated by been warriors, and dark forces, and malevolenti and made their way in a path to violent through the territoro like the Samurai William. Cross swords in brutal combat hand to hand, grabbing swords, axes, spears and even hammers from the war against enemies-human and demonic. Hold meetings of malignant and learn from your mistakes: each death you will be resurrected and all resurrection will be a great event to overwhelm your enemies.

Game Trailer

This video show the Game Trailer

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New Game +

Successfully complete the game to unlock a new campaign mission (The Eyes of the Queen), and one of every weapon is Divine, that is a new level of wearable that can be extended also to the pieces of armor. This will be your main source to become stronger, during your second play, instead of leveling. Complete the new campaign mission to unlock the New Game +, which is called 'The Vila of the Strong'. In this mode, you can revisit the entire game using the menu selection region. You can also choose the mode for this region. However, only the first three missions are unlocked at the beginning, along with the side quests. Complete the first three missions to access the rest of the regions. These regions offer experiences that are more and more loot. In mode, New Game+, it will keep your progress from the previous bet, and you will have the ability to level your guardian up to level 30 and it will take approximately 10 missions to achieve this result. There is also a greater chance to find loot Divine, but you can increase the possibility of them spending Cups Ochoko. There will also be new costumes to get to the House of The.

Series of Armor and Unique Weapons

Many of the reinforcements of weapons in the game are left randomly by enemies or Bosses, but some of the special series are unlocked by completing specific missions and defeating the Bosses. Successfully complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding set of weapons or armor:

The series of the Crusader: In the area with the pair of armed knights in the tower of London in the 'Prologue', enters through the open gates. There are two Treasure chests in the outdoor section, which will always contain parts of the series of the Armor of the Crusader. You can also kill the pair of crusaders at the entrance of the tower that leads to the Sanctuary, and the Boss Derrick The Performer. They'll drop random pieces of the Armor of the Crusader.

Series of the Ninja: Successfully Complete the mission dojo: 'the Way of The Ninja: Novice'. It is unlocked after completing the first main mission in the region of Kyushu -- and gaining access to the world map.

Series, Raging Bull: Successfully Complete the main mission 'at the Bottom of the Shadows' (the second one) to unlock the side mission 'Finders, Keepers' in the region of Kyushu. Complete the side quest Finders, Keepers to unlock the series, Raging Bull.

Series of Honor of the Warrior of the West: it is left in a random manner by Tachibana Muneshige, the final boss in the main quest: 'The stone of the Spirit of Sleep'. defeat him multiple times to get the whole series or clashed with him again in the side quest: Call from the Warrior of the West, which becomes available after completing the main mission. Anyway, this second fight and a lot more difficult compared to that of the main quest.

Series of Clan Saika: From the second shrine in the main mission: The ocean roars again (region Chugoku), passes through the wall illusion on the left to join in the air ceremonies with the third bonfire. on the left there is a small room with a Treasure chest that contains many of the pieces of the Saika Clan.

Series Kingo: Successfully Complete the main mission: The Conspirators (the region of Chugoku) to unlock the project of the Series Kingo, allowing you to build the armor from the blacksmith. To create these pieces, you have to find materials that only the Large boss Centipede can leave. This boss can be found in the bottom of the main mission 'of The mines of Silver quiver'.

Series of Strategic Genius: Successfully Complete all the main missions in the region of Chugoku in order to unlock the mission dojo The Way of the Warrior: an Adept. All the pieces are left by Marume Nagayoshi. To get the complete series, defeat the enemy leader most times. The pieces of the armor and the weapons that you get each time are random.

Series of Hattori Hanzo: Successfully Complete all the main missions in the region of Chugoku in order to unlock the mission dojo The Way of the Ninja: Adept. All the pieces are left from Hattori Hanzo. To get the complete series, defeat the enemy leader most times. The pieces of the armor and the weapons that you get each time are random.

Series Gyousha: This series is a random loot in the region of Kinki, but can also be found in certain Treasure chests in the main mission the Castle of the Canvases of Spider (the region of Kinki). scale, the gush from the bottom of the groove of the spider and follow the path. Two pieces of the set are in the body. The other two pieces are in a body along the same path, around the stable on the left. The last pieces are in the garrison of the castle. Ascend the ladder to the city centre, near the sanctuary, then go to the left in the hallway.

Redraw The Character

To reset the skill points, the attributes of your character, complete the following steps:

1. On the map of the world, goes to the 'Start Point', 'Blacksmith', 'Buy and Sell', 'Object', 'the Book of Reincarnation'.
2. Buy the object of the book of reincarnation for 10,000 gold. Will allow you to cancel the skill points and Amrita so you can redesign your character.
3. Open the warehouse (on the Initial Point on the map), press L3 to turn on the inventory, and go to 'Objects Usable' - 'the Book of Reincarnation' - 'Usa'.
4. You will now be back on your Amrita, and you can reallocate the attribute points to the sanctuary, exactly the same as the skill points, the Ninjutsu, and the magic.

The Book of Reincarnation can not be used during the missions. You must complete the first two story missions to gain access to the world map and the blacksmith. The world map and the screen where you can choose your next mission. The price of the book increases with each purchase (10,000 – 30,000 – 100,000 – 300,000, 1,000,000 ori). Alternatively, you can get The Book of Reincarnation from the missions ( the hard to reach places or rewards of quests). It can also be exchanged in the house of the hidden for 800 glory. The price in the tea house hidden increases with each purchase. You can delete your skill points all the times you want if you have the money or the glory for it.


To unlock disguises, complete the main mission 'Castle of the Spider's web' (the region of Kinki). Then, enters the tea house is hidden from the start point on the map (where a yankee access to the blacksmith). Select 'Swap', then 'Transform'. Choose a disguise that you want to buy, then select 'Transform' in the tea house hidden. This will overwrite your disguise current. Wear your gear it will not change the disguise. use a disguise to unlock the trophy 'Travestitore'. you need a minimum of 1300 glories to disguise cheaper (Hattori Hanzo). You will gain glory fighting back (tombstones red in the missions that generate the ghosts of the players dead). You can get them quickly playing low levels where many players are dead.

Customization of Hair and Beard

To unlock the Menu to a Barber to the Customization of the Hair and the Beard, spend a lot of money from the blacksmith (the best way is to buy a Book of Reincarnation). this will give you points padronaggio that you can trade in to unlock the skilled from the locksmith. Then, press triangle to talk with Tome from the blacksmith (if in the Menu the Blacksmith). Selecting I have a request for a Tome, and then Unlock Menu Barber. You'll use the smith many times during the course of the game. All the money that you spend count (also to forge and riforgiare). Only a point patronaggio is required to unlock Barber. Select a new hair cut or beard to get the trophy Fashionista.

Molds, and alternative look Armor

You can forge and alter armor from the blacksmith. after you have completed the main mission, you unlock the map of the world and you will be able to speak with the blacksmith in between missions. To forge an object and get the trophy: the Last Masterpiece, go in Blacksmith and the Forge. You will get materials to forge disassemblando armor in your inventory. This can also be done at the forge. Some of the materials are rewards of the missions. To change the appearance of an object and get the trophy Change of Appearance go in the Forge - Change of Appearance. you can give the objects to your inventory the look of the other that has the previously found. You can also give armor to read the appearance of heavy armor without changing the stats or the weight of the equipment.

Amrita Easy

Successfully complete the main mission at the Bottom of the Shadows (the second one) to unlock the side mission Finders, Keepers. Continue to repeat the secondary mission Finders, Keepers to get you a lot Amrita. To get more Amrita, buy the Blessing of the Amrita in the Sanctuary. ignore other enemies and concentrate on the Kappa (the turtle Yokai with shell on bright). Kill the Kappa, and collect prizes. this side mission can be completed in about five minutes. Repeat as many times as you want. You will get approximately 12.000 Amrita each time that will complete the admission to secondary, especially if you kill some of the enemies with the Blessing of the Amrita from the Sanctuary. this method can help you leveling fast in the early parts of the game.

To get between 600K and 800K, Amrita in 10 minutes, first unlock the side mission Master of Swords Twin in the region of Omi (final). Successfully complete the quests the Way of The Warrior to the dojo to unlock the mission dojo, The Swords Left. Complete the mission dojo, The Swords Left to unlock the side mission Master of Swords Twin. then, complete the main quest in the final and equip the Spirit Guardian that you unlock for getting a bonus of 12% from the spoils of Amrita. Each time you complete the side mission Master of the Swords the Twins, you will get two objects of Sake Saisetsu-shin. these consumables allow you to multiply your earnings Amrita after each kill. The multiplier stops if you are killed. You can also join the Toyotomi Clan for an additional bonus on the probability of finding Amrita loot. this method requires practical preparation. The secondary mission Master of Swords Twin is challenging - will help you to use the swords, twin or other weapon quick to kill the enemies before you're completely overwhelmed. You will have to face off against Bosses and other enemies are strong, but a single run through the mission, you should commit yourself to only 6-10 minutes, depending on your skill level. Defeat Nue and the most difficult part of the mission. If you then complete the quest without dying and use the Sake of Saisetsu-shin before the match, you will get about 800K Amrita.

Glory Easy

You will gain glory by fighting against the returned (graves red in the missions that generate the ghosts of the players dead). You can obtain a lot of rigiocando levels of low-level where many players are dead.

Easy battles against the Bosses

Use the Spells life steal and Laziness Onmyo to significantly reduce the difficulty of all fights. To unlock the talisman Lifesteal Talisman, complete the mission of training The Way to the Onmyo: Novice. To unlock the Talisman Laziness, complete the mission of training The Way to the Onmyo: Adept. To use the magic of Onmyo, first increases your statistical Core Magic. The magic novice Onmyo requires five points of magic, the magic adept Onmyo requires 10 points. Then, prepare the Talisman to the sanctuary. Each type of magic has a cost in the Jutsu. The cost in the Jutsu for the Lifesteal is 4 (x2 Talismans Lifesteal), and 5 (x2 Talismans Laziness) the Laziness. itself you have to choose between these two skills, it is better to take before Laziness. Put the Talismans in your menu items, and use them when they are focused on a goal (it will take a bit of time for the activation). Lifesteal lowers the charging time of the Ki (stamina). When used against humans or other enemies use a lot of Ki, it makes it very easy to suck their bar of stamina and leave them exposed to a fatal blow or heavy attack. When the Ki of an opponent is totally dried up, you are locked in a state of exposure and stun. Laziness slows down significantly, attacks and movements of the enemy. This is one of the best spells of the game, and works currently with all the bosses. It will give you the advantage of having more time to attack and escape easily attacks wired. Note: the magic of Laziness may be reduced in the future because it is very powerful. If this happens, do not install new updates before you use this trick or remove the updates.

Clashes easily with Double Boss

Successfully complete the main mission The Demon King is revealed (the region of Omi) to unlock a new side mission that requires you to face off against two bosses at the same time. These are the most difficult mission of the game. In the side quest An encounter on the beach, fighting with Yuki-onna and Oda Nobunaga at the same time. In the side quest The two Kings: Nioh, fighting with Tachibana Muneshige, and Honda Tadakatsu at the same time. There is a very simple trick to defeat them, and it works with any other boss in the game without the need of special knowledge. Simply use the Stones of the Soul to empower your living weapon. Then, using the living weapon (preferably lance for area damage). When the living weapon ends, use another stone of the soul and repeat. While using the living weapon you're invulnerable. Save your game before the match so you can have your stone of soul back if you fail too often.

Familiarity with the Weapon and the Bonus Legacy

The familiarity with the weapon is a special statistic that increases your skill with each weapon. Increase the counter of familiarity through the grades will unlock special bonuses of heritage. The bonus of a legacy can be transferred to the new weapons at the forge of the blacksmith. So there is no reason to abandon useful weapons. Some of the best weapons they have a bad update of the familiar, and some swords recent may have great potential legacy. This is the reason why you should save money and use money to increase your familiarity. Use the following method to increase your familiarity:

1. Simply kill many enemies you will increase your familiarity, and is useful for weapons that you want to update. Kill enemies, according to their level, your level, and the weapon you're using, will always bring a update to the counter familiarià of the weapon. Use a weapon is the best way to increase familiarity and your primary weapon will increase easily. To increase familiarity using this method the arena of the realm of the Yokai for a fast-paced combat. You can also try the missions and use the shrine to commemorate the defeated enemies.

2. To rapidly increase a weapon that you died in combat, use the whetstone to increase instantly to the familiarity of your weapon to 150. It is a large acceleration both at the beginning and in the middle game. They are also very economic, and can be purchased from the blacksmith. Buy lot sharpening stones, and continues to use them to easily increase the familiarity, especially with weapons of light rain or early in the game to bring them to their maximum potential.

3. If you're using a weapon with a big bonus of familiarity, as a damage bonus dependent on your level, it is useful to use the Powder Uchiko. Buy or a little bit from the blacksmith, and apply it to your sword before a battle, heavy to take advantage of the update. Note: This will give you only a temporary update.

All the Boss Fights

This video shows all of the Boss fights, how to defeat them:


All the positions of the Kodama

Search all the listed locations to find all 150 Kodama and get the trophy Leader of the Kodama. There are 6 regions in the game and each one contains 25 Kodama scattered between the main and side missions. As you play the story, will become available in new regions. The regions are: Kyushu, Chugoku, Kinki, Tokai, Sekigahara, Omi. You can select the Blessing Kodama of the sanctuary. They are divided into five categories: the most Amrita, the more weapons you find, the more armor you find, the more elixir found, more materials were found. Each of these blessings contains 5 Kodama for the region (5 categories x 5 Kodama = 25 Kodama for the region). More Kodamas are, the more the blessing will become strong. Your Kodama is reset to zero in each region. When it appears the second region, you need to find 25 Kodama of the new to earn the blessing. The Kodama of the old regions are still saved but not take effect in the new regions. None of these collectibles is mancabile. Can all be obtained through the selection of the mission at any time, even after you completed the story. When you take over a mission, it will show you how many you found there. To see the progress of surface, press the touch pad - Titles - Save-Game - Another - Kodama Found (%). Below the videos containing the locations of Kodama:

The region of Kyushu (the Island of the Demons, In the deep Shadows, The Stone of the Spirit of Sleep)


The region Chugoku (The Silver Mine and the Shudders, The Ocean roars again, Three Of the Angry, The Conspirators)

The region of Kinki (the Castle of the Spider's web, the Snow Falling, The Demon of Mount Hiei)

Region Tokai (The Escape Iga, Mindful of the Death-Lilies, The Castle is Contaminated, the Trace of The Master)

The region of Sekigahara (Flame of the Immortal, Sekigahara, The Source of Evil, The watcher in the Darkness)

The region of Omi (A Holy Mountain Corrupted, The Samurai from Sawayama, The Demon King revealed)

All the fire demon to Itsukushima

search the listed locations to find all the bonfires demonic of the main quest The Ocean roars again (the region of Chugoku). They can also prevent the Boss Umi-bozu face to generate its allies, which will make the fight easier. At the beginning of the mission, speaks with the magician close to the sanctuary. He will give you an object to kindle the three fires. Then, different from the three bonfires and press Circle to interact with them. The campfire during the fight with the boss will be switched on after the process is done.

All the positions of the fragments Teakettle

Search the locations indicated in the main mission in the Castle of the Spider's web (the region of Kinki) to find all seven fragments of the Teakettle. Through this mission, you will find a large spider webs and bright orange. The first two are inevitable and must be destroyed to proceed. The other four are hidden around the map. when you get close to the canvas )or the shots), a large spider will pop out. Kill the spider and get the fragment of purple. The third fragment Teakettle is located in the groove of the spider, after falling through the hole of the house. The fourth is after the quarry of the spider on a tower of observation (easy to miss, shoot with the bow). The fifth on the hill after you open the gate, and having reached the third shrine. The sixth and in the top of a hill after the enemy with the wheel brand, before entering the large building. You can repeat this mission when you want. When you will restart the mission you need to collect all the fragments again. Collect all of these fragments in order to obtain the trophy the Resurrection of the Hiragumo.

All the Locations of the Hot Springs

Search the listed locations to find all the events in the hot springs and get the trophy Lover of the Spa. The hot springs will fill your life bar and they will give you a buff that will retrieve the long life-time.

1. At the Bottom of the Shadows (Kyushu) - 0:05
2. The Stone of the Spirit of Sleep (Kyushu) - 0:48
3. The Silver Mine Quivers (Chugoku) - 1:32
4. The Ocean roars again (Chugoku) - 2:22
5. Castle of the Spider's web (Kinki) - 3:47
6. Snow Falling (Kinki) - 4:35
7. The Demon of Mount Hiei (Kinki) - 5:29
8. The Escape Iga (Tokai) - 6:10
9. Memories Of Death-Lilies (Tokai) - 7:11
10. The Track of the Master (Tokai) - 7:53
11. The Track of the Master (Tokai) - 8:20
12. The Track of the Master (Tokai) - 8:31
13. The Track of the Master (Tokai) - 8:54
14. The Track of the Master (Tokai) - 9:15
15. The Track of the Master (Tokai) - 9:46
16. The Track of the Master (Tokai) - 10:00
17. The Flame Of The Immortal (Sekigahara) - 10:36
18. A Sacred Mountain Corrupt (Imo) - 11:39
19. The Samurai by Sawayama (Omi) - 12:21
20. The Demon King revealed (Imo) - 13:18

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