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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (PC)

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- Easy 'Excavator' achievemen
To find a buried treasure, you must first obtain a treasure map. A treasure map can easily be found on Mariguana Island, at the coordinates 878, 539. Acquire the map, and you will be shown a picture and the co
ordinates of a treasure. This particular treasure can be found on Andreas Island, at the coordinates 575, 717. To unlock the locations of other treasure maps, you can talk to the barkeepers of taverns, or just explore the world and synchronize viewpoints.

- Easy 'Silence, Fool!' achievemen
You can get the 'Silence, Fool!' achievement at any warehouse. Warehouses are found at farms and have a restricted area around them (shown as red on the world map). They will be marked on your map if you synchronize viewpoints. One can be found in Nassau, at coordinates 633, 784. Once you enter the restricted area, there will be an alarm bell on your HUD. Then, get noticed by an enemy, and wait for him to ring the bell. Quickly kill him with a melee attack when he begins ringing the bell to unlock the achievement. Notice: You can also do this at warehouses that have already been looted. The enemies will respawn after a while.

- Easy 'Killer Killer' achievemen
Killer whales can be found in the 'Cruz' area of the ocean. Capture the fort of this area to see the killer whale symbol on your map. It is also recommended to upgrade the harpooning statistic of your ship by upgrading the harpoon strength
and harpoon storage. Check your map for the fishing locations, as they can vary. Fishing locations are highlighted on the ocean when you get close. Interact with one of these spots to begin fishing. Once the killer whale appears, defend your boat and keep throwing harpoons at the whale until it dies to get the 'Killer Killer' achievement.

- Steam achievement
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select 'Community', 'My profile', 'Watch all my games', then the game and view stats.

By The BookFinish 100% of all main mission constraints.
Business And PleasureGain 50,000 reales.
FTFYFully upgrade your hideout.
Help A Brother OutFinish a Templar Hunt sequence.
Devil Of The CaribbeanOvercome all 4 legendary ships.
Committed To The CauseReach level 55 in Multiplayer.
King Of The CastleCapture all forts.
Silence, Fool!Kill a guard ringing a bell.
All RounderPlay on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.
Seven Deadly SeasExplore all underwater shipwrecks.
Heroes Aren't BornFinish memory sequence 1.
Good While It LastedFinish memory sequence 2.
Death Of A SalesmanFinish memory sequence 5.
Lab TechnicianPlay and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist.
ExcavatorFind a buried treasure.
Siren SongRescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with 'dancers.'
Just Like Begining OverFinish memory sequence 12.
Sharing Is CaringShare each type of discovery with friends once.
class='cheats_list_1'>Killer Killer
Harpoon a killer whale.
Been Down So Long...Finish memory sequence 11.
No ApologiesFinish memory sequence 4.
Mixing Up The MedicinesFinish memory sequence 6.
It's All GoodFinish present day mission 5.
Sea LegsFinish all naval contracts.
Ghost In The MachineHack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment.
DestroyerFully upgrade the Jackdaw.
Employee Of The MonthFinish 25 Abstergo challenges.
Personal Bag Of TricksFinish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Multiplayer.
Saw That One Coming...Finish memory sequence 13.
AdriftFinish memory sequence 8.
CartographerVisit every location of the game.
OwnedFinish every activity in a single location.
A Pirate's Life For MeFinish memory sequence 3.
Getting Weird Around HereFinish present day mission 3.
Bunker BuddiesFinish present day mission 4.
The Hammer FallsFinish memory sequence 7.
BarflyUnlock all taverns.
Cannon fodderRecruit 500 crew members.
Routine HackingFinish present day mission 2.
Master Of The CaribbeanFinish the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.
Redingote Up!Craft the Hunter outfit.
Thug Lifets_list_2'>Plunder 30 ships.
Vault RaiderUnlock the secret door in Tulum.
All Aboard!Board a ship without losing any crew members.
Roped InPerform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.
Wild West IndiesKill 4 enemies sequentially using multi-pistols.
My Elusive FortuneFinish memory sequence 10.
A New HopeFinish memory sequence 9.
Mer-manSwim a total of 1 nmi.
HungoverWake up in a haystack.

- Easy 'Hungover' achievemen
To get the 'Hungover' achievement, keep drinking at a tavern until you pass out. A tavern can be found in Nassau, which is one of the first locations you will visit during the main story. Walk up to the bar, and interact with the bottle to begin drinking. You have to drink at least five times to pass out.