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Disgaea 5 Cheats and Cheat Codes SWITCH

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Plot of the Game

Release Date for this Game: 01/05/2017
The sixth title for the home console speak of revenge and of rebellion. A new and terrible Lord of War called the Empty Dark wants to enslave the infinite Worlds of the Void, a young demon decided to put an end to his madness. In Disgaea 5, guide Killia and his tenacious army of rebels on their way dark and dangerous to revenge.

Game Trailer

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Classes Bonus

Successfully complete the tasks indidati to unlock the corresponding classes:

Archer: Get Can Fighter 2 and Grade Curator 2.
Knight Armed with: Get Can Fighter 3, and Able Brawler 3.
Black Knight: Get Can Fighter 2, Can Woman Samurai 2, Can Ninja 2.
Gunslinger: Get Can Fighter 2 and Level Mage 2.
Woman Samurai: Get Can the Archer 2 and Can Fighter 3.
Knight Magic: the Get Can Fighter 3 and Can Wizard 3.
Ninja: Get a Can Thief 2 and Able Brawler 3.
Pirate: Get a Degree Handmaid 3 Grade Gunslinger 2 and Can the Archer 2.
Professor: Get Can Maid 2 and Level Gunslinger 2.
Wise: Get Can Knight, Magic 4, and Rank Professor 2.
Thief: Get Degree Quarrelsome 2.
Fighter: you Get Can Knight Armed 2 and Can Fighter 3.

In addition there are the following classes of animals:

Bear: Delivery three objects Muscle.
Chimera: Delivery 3 weapons monster INT (grey).
King Dragon: Delivery, any object that is of the Fire element.
Fairy: Delivery the fairy dust.
Felynn: Delivery 5 times a weapon Punch.
The beast Floral: Delivery three Objects Care.
Horse: Delivery of any object, the Spear that is legendary or higher.
Imp: Delivery to any object.
Noble of the Vacuum: Delivery of a Cake Angelica or gold Bar.
Nine Tails: Delivery any secret treasure (Imperial Seal or similar).
Ogre: Delivery to any object.
Rabbit: Kill 3 Imps.
Angel of the Sea: the Delivery of any object % Care.
Fungus: Kill the 3 Objects the Mushroom (go to the Demon Fungifera)
Monster Mud: Delivery a Soda that is not Open.
Cat of the Sewers and Delivery of a Sardine.
Succubus: Delivery 5 Tentacles Strange (Weapon Monster's ATK).
The dragon Twin-to: Delivery-any object Ball (Rare or better)
Not Dead: the Delivery of a weapon monster with the ATK (red)
Winged warrior: Kill an Archer.

The Final Alternative

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding final:

Humiliating defeat: you Lose against Magnus the Red in Episodes 1-5.
The final Death of Usalia: Let Usalia to die in Episodes 4-5

Leveling Quickly

Use an object eight times on yourself. Livellerai, whatever your current level. Increases your counter of EXP in the shop of swindle, to use less objects. For example, the 420% rate in a level with only two objects. Try to use soft Drinks to be Closed.

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