Ascend: Hand Of Kul
Ascend: Hand Of Kul Cheats and Codes - xbox360
Ascend: Hand Of Kul Cheats and Codes
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- Achievement
Do the following things to obtain the corresponding Gamerscore points:

5 Points
Bone Acquireor Killed 25 enemies....

Tastes Like Chicken Consumed 20 humans.
Ascended You made the ultimate sacrifice and Ascended your first Caos.
Caos Unleashed Created first Caos.
Know thy Enemy Overcomeed 3 player bosses.
Total Control Did 20 10x combos!.
Master and Commander One of your Ascended Champions defeated another player.
A Fistful of Runes Slotted 3 runes.
Friend or Foe Sent a curse or blessing to another player.
Shift of Power Raised 3 shrines for your God.
Uninvited Used an Alignment Mask boost to enter a restricted alignment dungeon.
10 Points
Battlemage Cast 25 Crusade Spells.
Cast Out Banished 25 enemies into another player's realm.
Blood Money Looted 30 items or purchased 10 spells.
Caos Chaplain You have blessed 20 players.
Hex Master You have cursed 20 players.
Silence of the Trolls Decimated 200 enemies.
Carving a Path Acquired a spell from each alignment.
Nuker 25 enemies know the power of magic from their graves.
Sticks and Stones Allied humans killed 50 enemies.
20 Points
Dungeon Master Reached floor 50 of the Endless Dungeon.
Deep Pockets Spent 30,000 souls or purchased a Soul Pack.
Power Overwhelming Fully upgraded a spell.
Outfitted for War Attained 200 points of physical damage.
25 Points
Caos Supremacy Attained 2000 points of armor.
30 Points
Killing Fields Slaughtered 1000 enemies.
Lord of War Contributed 50,000 points to the Crusade.
40 Points
Champion of the Gods Reached level 50 or Ascended 3 times.

20 Points
Secret achievement Unknown.
30 Points
Secret achievement Unknown.
Ascend: Hand Of Kul Cheats
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