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Star Trek: Fleet Command: Plot of the Game

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Assemble your team and make ready the vessels for the greatest strategy game on the mobile phone. Forge alliances and create an epic army to dominate the galaxy. Join forces with the Federation, Klingons, Romulans. Or forge a path as you grow in power and prestige. The war has just begun.

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Cheats: Tips

Cheats Star Trek: Fleet Command: Tips

Continuing will show you a list of tips to the game. They are not real tricks, but tips to better face and in a fun way this game.

Cheats: Build what you have

If you are a commander curious, would you have looked through the projects and found out that there are a lot of ships are the best to research and create. This, however, may have put off your obligations current, that is, expand and improve what you have. New players don't stumble into a ship's brand new, but the hard work and dedication go into the creation of a new ship. So, do not neglect what you have, upgrade where you can, there is no reason to save material.

Cheats: Explore the Galaxy

If there is one thing that is worth making in Star Trek Fleet Command, is to take a look around. You will be surprised what you find out there. Whether it is a mine of tritanium or something more dangerous, and there is a lot to explore and this means you get many advantages. Travel through the galaxy takes a few seconds, but if you can't reach certain areas, this could mean that your ship is not quite up to date.
Scans before an attack. In the early stages of this game, you will not find enemies hard, then you could simply go around attacking anyone you want. Try to get in the routine of the scan before making a move. Later in the game, you'll have much more to lose when encountering a Romulan random, so it's worth checking their defense, and what rewards you may get from an attack.

Cheats: The fleets are friends, not food

Cheats Star Trek: Fleet Command: The fleets are friends, not food
As part of the initial guide, you're forced to join a team of other people to the event. Those who support depends on you, but the advice is to choose a popular group and try to make us friendship. In this way, you can easily collaborate, help and be helped, and establish a foothold in the galaxy. You have to remember that you are not the only one to fly, to plunder and attack, and then have a fleet of friends behind you to give you strength and safety.

Cheats: The research and development of

This may seem like an obvious advice, but make sure your research and development laboratory features as soon as possible. To boost your laboratory, you'll first need to update your operating centre and your academy. After you've done it a couple of times, you will be able to seek improvements for your ship as battle tactics or hulls and more powerful. Another advantage of a research and development laboratory is access to the ships the best, then start to build a better future.

Cheats: Claim everything that you can

Needless to say that completing quests gives you a reward, but there are other areas of the game that have awards that are just waiting to be collected. There is a crate free of charge that regenerates every 10 minutes, four hours and 24 hours. Not to mention the daily goals that you can complete just by playing. The completion of each daily goal will have its own unique reward. By completing different objectives, you will earn crates a maximum of four per day. Then continue to look through your menu prize, there are a lot of gifts to collect.

Cheats: Immerse yourself in the Star Fleet

Cheats Star Trek: Fleet Command: Immerse yourself in the Star Fleet
This may seem like a tip stupid, but if you keep the mind in the state just to play this game, you will get hours of fun. You have the right amount of freedom and support to enable you to take control of the galaxy surrounding. If you associate with people who think the same way, you can lose hours exploring the galaxy and destroy the enemy ships. The aim of the game is to recruit and build a nice house and fleet to yourself, and this does not happen during the night. Then continue to do missions and try to enjoy every step of the way.

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