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Utopia: Origin: Plot of the Game

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Mount and weapons are ready and nothing can stop us from exploring. It is said that in the islands, forests, deserts and snow-capped mountains, the treasure left by the creators is now guarded by monsters, dragons, and mali.

Utopia: Origin has been published 07/01/2019 for IPHONE / ANDROID We take care to update the list of consoles for which the game was published over time if the cheats are they also applied to new arrivals.

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Cheats: Collect food and water in an amount

Cheats Utopia: Origin: Collect food and water in an amount
There are various materials that you can collect in the game and you may find yourself constantly jumping from one agricultural activity to another, since the world of Utopia: Origin is full of resources and things to do, that will provide you with a wide variety of materials for all of your machining requirements. While you may find great joy in acquiring new materials from time to time, remember to give priority to sources of food and water.

Your companion in Summer, it will be readily available, and you can always call him to give you an idea of what you need to do in the game. One of the first objectives that you will have will be to gather materials to create a bonfire and create a water bottle. Given that food and water are of fundamental importance for the whole time, building a camp fire you can cook meat, fruit and even vegetables you buy from the surrounding environment. The hydrant, on the other hand, can be filled with water instantly while you enter any body of water. Since there may be areas far from the sources of water and skin water can contain a stock of very limited, be sure to collect berries as a source of water alternative. Keep in mind that some foods make you more thirsty as the others, so be sure to keep an eye on everything you eat, in particular its effects on the levels of hunger and thirst.

Cheats: Stay close to the fire

You often see it appear as a message on the screen every time to be near all the fires scattered about the map, saying that you feel more secure. Even if this may not be so important during the day, you will have to keep that in mind when he starts making dark. In the same way, you need not worry about what the night has in store for you in the initial phase as well as in the initial areas that you'll explore, but later in the game there will be some creatures that are very threatening around, and you'll want to be near a bonfire at night to keep them away from you.

Since campfires are potentially the most important requirement of each field, you can also place your structures and the input objects in the vicinity. If you can, find a good place near the sea, in order to have a supply of water constant, leaving you with at least one less worry. There could be many campfires around, but because they belong to other players, you will probably not be able to use them for your basic needs.

Cheats: Using the right tools to get objects

The axe, the pickaxe and the stick are the most basic in your possession at the beginning of the game. Although each of them can do the work with a different efficiency, knowing which one to use at the right time will be more efficient, leaving you more time for all other activities. Use the axe to cut down trees, a pickaxe to break the rocks and the stick to kill monsters and other creatures. You will acquire more advanced weapons later on, but these three are enough for beginners and are more than sufficient for the simple tasks that you have at the beginning of the game.

Make sure to keep an eye on the lengths of your tools since they will not be automatically equipped once an object breaks, thus remaining with his bare hands. Given that you don't have superhuman strength or special powers, pummel, trees, rocks, and various creatures and objects around you will only hurt and will reduce your health.

Cheats: Stay active

Cheats Utopia: Origin: Stay active
It is almost needless to say that Utopia: Origin is a game where your progress is directly proportional to how active you are. As the run task gain experience points for your character, level up and increase your stats. You will always find something to do in the game, and for the most part, many of the materials that dress them will need to be ongoing. There will always be time to explore the vast map and discover new flora and fauna as you travel from one location to another, but make sure to constantly make something that will contribute to earn experience points as you'll need better stats as you go forward in the game.

Cheats: Looks good how much you can carry

Utopia: Origin is very much based on agriculture and handicrafts, it is only natural that you want to have a lot of materials in your inventory. It is never possible to get everything that you would want to, but it is generally a good thing to always grasp everything that is possible in the game and have a stock full of every object you own. Even if this mentality is mostly positive, there are also disadvantages. At a certain point, the weight that you are transporting will be too high, and your character will find it very difficult to move. Because some of the collected materials contribute heavily to the total weight that you are transporting, you have to give priority to what to carry.

Alternatively, you can continue to collect all of the objects and the materials of which you need to pay a lot of attention to the weight of everything that you have. Before you continue to fill your inventory with all kinds of materials that add more weight than you can carry, make sure to collect the materials and create some trunks of wood. These funds may temporarily hold some of your heavier objects so you can continue to collect other materials as you need without worrying about having too much weight. Given that you may not be able to build your home immediately, make sure you position the crates and other objects in a place where you can go freely and easily, because you do not want to lose immediately all of those things, only because you have forgotten the location of the wooden crates. Also, remember that everything that you construct in this manner disappear after 24 hours.

Cheats: Travel to other areas through the headlights

After a little time spent exploring the small island, which is the starting area in Utopia: Origin, you might want to see the other scenarios that meet more players. By clicking on the minimap in the top left of the screen, you will see the icon of a lighthouse on the map with the name of the area you are in. Travel to it and interact with the blue light so we can immediately move to other locations on the map.

Before moving on to the next areas, you should make sure first of all to have many of the resources available in the current area, given that in the new there will be trees, animals and different objects. Although the need for more basic, are available on all of the areas of the map, there are several items that you will find exclusively in a precise area.

Cheats: Learn to harness, mounts, and pets in a hurry

Cheats Utopia: Origin: Learn to harness, mounts, and pets in a hurry
There are various creatures that you'll encounter in your adventure as you explore different areas in the world of Utopia: Origin. You can easily identify Imp and Trent as monsters, but some are animals that are not intended solely to be a source of meat. While destroy some of the animals with your hammer, you may notice a message that displays the icon of a food over them. Take note of these foods and make sure you have some ready the next time you meet an animal like that you want to tame.

To tame pets and mounts you will need to use in a quick way, and some objects such as food. Put them in the use bar faster to use them quickly when you are required.

No animal is easy to tame. Initially, you will need to use your hammer and attack them for a bit without killing them, and wait until the icon of the food to appear. Once this is done, you can tap on the icon of the food in the shortcut bar, if necessary, until it shows the icon of the acquisition. Every object is different based on the type of animals and the use, then make sure you have created enough before attempting the capture. Once you gain a mount, move from one point to another will become much easier. Getting a mate, instead, you'll have someone who will fight at your side.

Cheats: Do not swim too far

Especially when your level is low, your resistance will be very limited. If I had it in mind to travel to swim to another island across the sea, you will immediately notice how fast the swim can affect your resistance. Okay swim, but for beginners, you should do so for short distances and make sure you save more than half your strength for the return swim to swim.

There are more places that you can go through the sea, but you can do it a bit later in the game when you reach a high enough level to create your boat. For now, simply see the sea as a source of drinking water. Die in the water will make it very difficult for the recovery of lost items.

Cheats: It recovers the lost objects

There are various ways in which your character can die in Utopia: Origin even outside of the PvP server. Perhaps initially, the most likely is hungry. Although unlikely to encounter formidable monsters in the initial phase, you can still be quite damaged and die after an unfortunate encounter (like when you're idle, and a monster spawns near you). Curiosity on the beach combined with the attempt to cross the island, apparently close can be very fatal. Regardless of how you die your character, the penalty is to lose some random items from your inventory. In the beginning, consider yourself lucky, you won't lose everything you've worked for. Also, you can always go back and retrieve the lost objects.

Compared to this, you should take into consideration the creation of a sleeping bag, even during the first few hours of the game. Even if you don't use it for sleeping, you can use it as a spawn point in case your character die instead of being reborn in the map.

Cheats: Complete the daily goals for extra rewards

Cheats Utopia: Origin: Complete the daily goals for extra rewards
In addition to the items and materials as you get them instantly through the agriculture and killing monsters, you can get some additional prizes such as caps and some food products from the completion of daily goals. For the most part, it is possible to reach these goals simply by staying online for about 2 hours. You can earn caps that you can use at a later time to purchase some unique items in the shop.

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