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Zombie TD-Defend the last refugecheats and codes for ANDROID / IPHONE, including Useful Tips.


Zombie TD-Defend the last refuge: Plot of the game

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At the end of the world, zombies continue to invade, how to survive in this extremely challenging world, and you as a fort commander, how to banish zombies? Join now, protect this only sanctuary, and shoot every invading zombie!
Game play * use low level low damage forts to synthesize higher level, higher damage forts; * the main way to obtain the battery is to buy it in the store, open the fallen treasure box and open the lucky plane; * when the energy bar set is full, you can choose to attack the boss, the success level will be advanced, you can get more gold; * more rare currency - diamonds - can be obtained through military exercises;
The game features * place type, only need to place the composite fort, your fort will automatically fight for you; * offline rewards can be very rewarding even when you're not online; * the competitive mode allows you to experience not only the fun of fighting zombies, but also the challenge from commanders around the world. * unique military exercises allow you to challenge yourself anytime, anywhere; * more than 50 different levels of battery waiting for your upgrade synthesis;

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