Trainer for: Katana ZERO (06.01.2019 / +4)

You will add many Cheats: Invincible , Unlimited Time , Freeze Slow Motion Bar , Save/Load Position (Teleport) and many more.
Katana ZERO: Plot of the Game

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Together with the trainer we can also provide you with the tricks of this game Enter the tricks and codes page of Katana ZERO and you will find all the tricks and unlockables to easily finish the game and, often, even a small guide to the collectibles of the game.

Katana ZERO is an action-platformer neo-noir full of style, thrilling action and combat with instant death. Cut, slice, and manipulate time to discover your past in the scenery so spectacular and brutal.

And now, finally, the long-awaited trainer for this game: download it, and after reading the user guide, activate it and you can use all the tricks you promise while playing.

Download Trainer

This trainer adds the following cheats to this game:
  • Invincible
  • Unlimited Time
  • Freeze Slow Motion Bar
  • Save/Load Position (Teleport)
  • Move Up/Down/Left/Right
Why do you have to pay for some Trainers and Cheats?
Actually is very rare to find games containing cheats because game developers are not interested in keeping them in their games. So the creation of cheats is executed by external programmers that spend their time and skills into the creation of Trainers, programs that let you cheats on a particular game. They do it for passion or for money. Whatever the motivation, it's right to reward them for the time spent on their work.
Paid Cheats and Trainers are better in quality, contains more functionalities, are maintained and supported by their developers.

Respect of the Copyright

The program you are about to download was not created by Apocanow. However, we have permission to publish and publicize by the authors of the Trainer Katana ZERO Trainer - v06.01.2019. The contents of the file are virus free, even if sometimes they can trigger the AV as false positive.

Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Promo Options

NumPad6: Move Up

Trainer Options

NumPad1: Invincible
NumPad2: Unlimited Time
NumPad3: Freeze Slow Motion Bar
NumPad4: Save Position
NumPad5: Teleport
NumPad6: Move Up
NumPad7: Move Down
NumPad8: Move Left
NumPad9: Move Right

Editor Options

Player: Slow Motion Bar


While active enemies cannot hit you. This does not prevent you from dying by anything that one hit kills you such as lasers.
Freeze Slow Motion Bar:
Activate this only when needed and turn it off when not.

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