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Achievements and Trophies
Detective Gallo
Time to Get Serious
When the going gets rough...
That taxi driver picked up his last fare…
Cocktails go to my head.
Role Player
Ridicolous little green men…
Who was that, Mario?
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Achievements and Trophies
Dragon Spear
A great first step
Clear Stage 1-1 in Story Mode.
Harder and Harder
Enhance the gear in the blacksmith.
Savior of the royal road
Clear Stage 1-9 in Story Mode.
Adventurer's attitude
Equip Gears on all parts.
Fast growth
Reach Hero Level 10.
All the Achievements and Trophies of Dragon Spear
Achievements and Trophies
Wailing Heights
Prison Break
You have successfully completed the tutorial.
Act 1 Complete
Found the book, lost your body.
All the Balls
You exchanged all the ball talk.
Zombie Chat
Zombie talk at the water fountain.
Is it something I said?
Why can't I understand this zombie?
All the Achievements and Trophies of Wailing Heights
Achievements and Trophies
State of Mind
Welcome home, Sir
Richard met Simon.
Enjoy This Sunny Day
Adam brought John to the hospital.
Supreme Chef
Depressive Weekend
You finished the first chapter.
Sigmund Would Be Proud
Adam woke up from his dream.
All the Achievements and Trophies of State of Mind