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Achievements and Trophies
Achievements and Trophies
Ants Took My Eyeball
? Into the Ant Hill
? Finish the Ant Hill Entrance level.
? Hatching Chambers
? Finish the Hatching Chambers level.
? A Ghastly Curse
? Break a sarcophagus.
? Runnella
? Defeat Runnella.
? Mamoth
? Defeat Mamoth.
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Achievements and Trophies
The Tribe Must Survive
? A New Dawn
? Survive the first night without losing someone
? How Shocking!
? Have your entire Tribe fall into Shock
? Through the Long Night
? Survive the Eclipse
? Stop Poking Me!
? Close the tutorial before fulfilling any steps
? Darkness Will Not Break Us
? Have no one be in Shock during the Eclipse
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Achievements and Trophies
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
? Heroic Bond
? You attacked an enemy with a hero combo for the first time.
? The Raw Lens
? Animal Lover
? You spoke tothe animals 10 times.
? A normal day in the Guard
? Hometown on fire
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Achievements and Trophies
? First Bond
? Capture your first creature
? Getting Started
? Have a full party
? Shopping
? Buy an artifact
? Jars Hatred
? Destroy 50 jars
? Practice Makes Perfect
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