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Achievements and Trophies
Achievements and Trophies
The Hand of Merlin
Matters of France
Reach Marca Hispanica.
Full Tank
Miss the opportunity to gain mana by having it maxed-out.
Reach Al-Andalus.
Have an allied reaction trigger on your own turn, while in Normal mode or harder.
A Million Cuts
Lose a character to a ground effect.
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Achievements and Trophies
Ain't got time to bleed
Kill a bounty while having one health point left
Play Fetch
Kill a dog by making it fetch a grenade
I'll be back
Restart more than 5 times during a fight with a bounty
Loyal Customer
Get kicked out by Tony 5 times at the same checkpoint
Slap Shot
Get hit by Nadja Drago's hockey stick and land in the goal
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Achievements and Trophies
Hood: Outlaws *ECOMM* Legends
You Get Nothing, Good Day
Making Marks
Kill an enemy tagged by a team-mate, or have a team-mate kill an enemy you have tagged (4v4 Heist)
Laying Claim
Reclaim a Capture Point from the enemy team (4v4 Heist)
Silence is Easy
Light the Campfire
Upgrade the Hideout for the first time
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Achievements and Trophies
As A Hacker
Complete the NETSEC tutorial.
As An Agent
Complete the AGENT tutorial.
Getting The Hang Of IT
Win your first multiplayer match.
Cast The First Stone
Be the first to vote for someone's death.
Identity Theft
Equip a new avatar.
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