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Desolate: Plot of the game

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The BLEAK is a horror experience in the first person. Form a research team of up to 4 people, and explores an open world full of mysteries and questions left unanswered, or you do everything alone.

This game was released on 08/01/2018 and the cheats we own are valid for PC. This list will be updated over time whenever we notice the existence of new consoles on which Desolate has been published.

Discover cheats and cheat codes for Desolate (PC): Mega Health and Mega Carry Weight.

An avalanche of cheats for you thanks to the trainer of Desolate downloadable on this page! A Trainer is a software that allows you to modify the game safely by adding cheats that did not exist previously. You can find everything on this page!

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Trainers and cheat codes for this game

Trainers for Desolate are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the game, mainly with the aim of cheating. These functionalities are not available in other ways. Click on the preferred trainer to download it:
Download Page Desolate (1.2.8 HF / +12)
  • Mega Health
  • Mega Carry Weight
  • Mega No Hunger
  • Set XP
  • Set Scrap
  • Mega Oxygen
  • Mega Stamina
  • Perfect Temp
  • Mega No Fear
  • Mega No Thirst
  • Add Skill Points
  • Easy Craft
  • No Reload
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