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Sdorica Sunset: Plot of the game

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The legends narrate that the world was wrapped in darkness. The humans were slaves of the giant dragons Sdorica. In the role of Observer, how you are going to change this world?

Sdorica Sunset has been published on 14/05/2018 for IPHONE / ANDROID. We take care to update the list of consoles for which the game was published over time if the cheats are they also applied to new arrivals.

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Cheats: Invest in the Energy of the Soul

If your team suffers in battle, you should use some of the Energy of the Soul in its development. It is very important if you don't have waste materials your energy as you picked it up.
If you can spend, use them. Give priority to the character who uses more, or the weak. You will get the Energies of the Soul after the missions, and if you have difficulties, investirne some is a good choice.


Cheats: Resonance

You can increase the skills of your team with the Resonance. Hear some specific objects with a character will unlock new powers or increase the strength of the skills of the existing.
Always check to see if you can hear or not, because the power you gain from the Resonance can be more useful from level the your team with the Energies of the Soul, even if it is more difficult to obtain.
Still, you choose which character may resonate more, and search the market to see if any of the materials that you need can be purchased with the money.


Cheats: Messages, missions, powers

When you become stronger, especially when you start to get what you server for resound missions you complete and the messages you receive will be rich rewards.
Check them out, especially if you're starting now, because you'll pass briefly from being a little adventurer without money, one without fear and with a lot of money.
If you need money for the market, for the crystals, the infusion of the crop or special items for the infusion of a million, completing these missions will allow you to do first.


Cheats: Events

Check the events under Adventure regularly to get events and quests to complete, which will earn you new characters and abilities. You'll need a high enough level to be able to do everything.


Cheats: Strength in numbers

Have a small team but strong is a great way to begin, but you'll soon need a team bigger so that you can sustain the battles.
The best way to increase your numbers is with the Infusions, each of which will provide you with a new low level character.
This is also a good reason to control events, because only thanks to them you can often find the characters of high rank concerned, and you can earn them by participating in them.


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