Cheats and Codes for: The Walking Dead: Our World (IPHONE / ANDROID)

Cheats and Codes of The Walking Dead: Our World for IPHONE / ANDROID including Coins Unlimited and Refuges Effective.


The Walking Dead: Our World: Plot of the Game

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The Walking Dead: Our World is a game in augmented reality similar to Pokemon Go. Through the real world to search for various points of interest. The player must also survive the horde of zombies. Includes elements of a collection of characters, weekly challenges, and also some events to work cooperatively with other real players.

Our material can be used with the following consoles: IPHONE / ANDROID This list is constantly updated from IPHONE / ANDROID or since the game came out.

Discover 6 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Tricks for The Walking Dead: Our World (IPHONE / ANDROID): Coins Unlimited and Refuges Effective.

And now here is finally the long-awaited cheats for this game.

Cheats: Take the maximum advantage of the shelters

In The Walking Dead: Our World you can build four types of houses yet. During the guide you will build a Armory, which is where you keep the weapons.

These are the benefits of building a shelter: Each time you will host a survivor, you will get cards linked to that shelter.
If you leave the survivors in an Armory you will get the cards weapon. From the shelter, ortterrai instead of hero cards, while from the market and you get more coins.
The warehouse, however, you can get bonus cards with bonus effects passive, as the increase of the limits of currency. Keep all these things in mind when you decide where to deposit your survivors.

Don't expect to build right away to a shelter. At the beginning of the game you can only build the Armoury and you will have to find unique materials to build them. You can earn this material by completing challenges and missions.

Cheats: Use the right weapons

Killing walkers is easy, but you can make things easier by using the right weapons. If you look at the hero cards or weapon, you will notice that there is a small window at the bottom that says 'Strong against'. You will meet different types of walkers in your journey, and if you use a weapon that corresponds to their type, inflict more damage!

Cheats: Tips to shoot

The golden rule against the zombies applies here: always aim for the head. The zombies suffer more damage if hit in the head and most of the times they die immediately.
In addition, many missions will ask you to shoot a certain amount of shots to the head and will reward you with some coins so it's worth practicing, because you'll have to do it often.

Be aware of your partner and any survivors when you shoot the walkers. If you see that the zombies move towards the survivors, help them! If a survivor is left unattended for too long, it will die, and the fellow will be wounded after the battle, and it will take a bit of time to heal completely.

Cheats: Increases the shelters

Once you understand the mechanism behind the huts you can start to level them up. When you build have level 1 and require a considerable amount of first survivors to go up level.

You can also livellarli immediately using gold, but because gold is hard to find, we recommend that you save it. Cleaning up the infestations and meets other survivors wandering around the neighbourhood.

When a refuge's salt level, acquires also a protection from zombies and robbers to 10 hours. It also increases the amount of cards that you can get from the survivors, as well as increases the chance to get the most powerful cards.

Cheats: Create a group or join one of them

Should you join a group as soon as possible. When you are in a group, you get access to the bulletin board of the challenges that you can win beautiful prizes.
The first tab contains quests that can probably be taken even in solitary, but the second and the third tab will require the cooperation of all the members of the group, so bring your friends, or deal with new ones.

Cheats: Money and Coins Unlimited

At present there are no tricks with money and coins unlimited. Beware of sites that promise you the coins in exchange for registration, or phone numbers, because they are scams. If we ever need to find tricks for real, them we will write here.

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