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Ring of Elysium: Plot of the Game

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You flee from a disaster amazing in the Ring of Elysium, a shooter in a battle royale, developed by Aurora Studio.

The cheats in our possession are valid for PC and they should be all the valid ones since the game came out, that is 24/05/2019. We update the list of consoles every time if he adds a new one to the list.

Discover 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Tricks for Ring of Elysium (PC): Useful Tips.

And now here is finally the long-awaited cheats for this game.

Cheats: Useful Tips

Here is a list of 35 useful tips for beginners to start this new adventure in this battle royale is very special:

1) you Can change direction on the zipline simply by pressing backwards (S) while you drive; this is useful if you take the zipline wrong or you realize that you're about to enter a firefight.

2) you Can jump from the zipline as soon as your character raises his legs; perform an animation to indicate when it is able to jump. You can use your gun slightly before as well.

3) If you swap a weapon type similar to SMG with another SMG, AR for an AR, etc) will be automatically connected to the available accessories that you had on the weapon was previously equipped.

4) If you have selected the kit, hang-Gliding, bring the minimum amount of weight than Snowboarding (more than 50 pounds) and to the Caliper / Zipline (+100 or 50 pounds more than Snowboarding). However, you can drop the gun (and ammo) if you are in need of the free weight extra to carry more ammunition.

5) The sound of the steps is the key to winning fights at short-range; bearing in mind that you can Shoot / Run / Walk both standing and crouching. This means that you can move a little faster while you're crouching or otherwise; moved still more quietly, for example, if you're in the same house.

6) it is Not necessary to press and hold And or 'Usa' when you complete an action.

7) you Can move (even if slowly) during the healing process. So, if you're near a corner, you can start the healing process a little bit before knowing that you can still go behind that cover on the corner.

8) it Is possible to select any point of generation during the countdown initial, this can be useful to block an important point, and click at another point during the last second.

9) Take note of where you generate people, if you generate too far you have to travel a long distance to reach the first area.

10) hang-Gliding is not affected by the trees, so don't worry to correct constantly the flight path to avoid them.

11) The game implements the fall of the projectile, and then get familiar with the sniper rifles and the objectives to know the distance.

12) If you press Q on a target, there is a marker there that tells you the distance. This is very useful when you play Duets / Teams for them to know your team mates where the enemy is, or where to meet, or reach. You can also use it on the games alone to know how far away an enemy far away and if it's worth a try to shoot him.

13) The weapons silenced, they are extremely quiet, to the point where you can be within 30 feet from your opponent and they might not know immediately where they are targeted. Use this to your advantage since you can shoot quickly, get to the shelter and, if a lack of coverage, know that the enemy has only a vague idea - behind, to the left, etc of where they're hitting.

14) Handle several different have different effects on the recoil. Some reduce the recoil is vertical (pull up), and some reduce the horizontal (pull). Weapons like the Groz and the Famas seem to balance better with a recoil vertical reduced, while the LVOAC, M16 seem to do better with recoil to a horizontal reduced.

15) The stroke auto-default is =, then consider using it only if you have to run for a certain distance. Currency to remap if you use it a lot.

16) The smoke grenades are not only obstruct the vision; and emit a 'hissing' sound while they are active, and this may mask your steps if you know that an enemy is nearby and you need that stealth additional.

Example: have you heard of the shooting within a house and you want to delete them, normally, your steps you would find out, but the noise of the grenade can mask your steps.

17) If you are in a vehicle with more seats, you can change the place, not only to shoot, but also to heal!

18) accessories equipped will not increase your overall weight compared to the accessories that you carry with you. From what I've noticed, once equipped with the weapon, its weight is subtracted from the current weight. Use this to your advantage when you find a telescope of high power (for example 8x) but still don't have a sniper rifle and equip it as a secondary on another weapon. Then, if you find a sniper rifle, and make the exchange.

19) you Can use Run to go up faster on the stairs, but also to slide down.

20) The SMG and the pistols allow movements significantly more quickly during the ADS compared to assault rifles or sniper rifles. Useful if you're trying to overcome a corner and quickly return to the shelter, or simply make you a target more difficult.

21) in Addition to being able to use the SMG while you're on a glider, you can also use them while riding snowmobiles. So can the passenger. Then you can have both the driver of the snowmobile that the passenger using the SMG for a potential driving deadly.

22) The car does not smoke, always the first to explode. So do not rely on this as an indicator. If your vehicle is hit a lot, abbandonalo.

23) If you exit a moving vehicle, you take damage, the faster it moves, the more damage you take. However, sometimes this is better than being in a vehicle that may simply explode.

24) hold down the CTRL key, and drag the ammo / the objects in the center of the screen to make it drop a number indicated as it is not well explained how to do it in the game. You can also type in the amount that you want to delete.

25) You can leave the hang-glider by tapping the spacebar (it is not necessary for F).

26) The snowboard go slow as hell on paved roads. You need snow to increase the speed.

27) On a flat plane, go faster riding on the snowboard (pushing the foot against the ground) than running. So, if you have the table, it is generally better to use it to cross open areas, unless the soil is not uphill, in which case it is better to go on foot.

28) The mini-map shows where are the points of the zip line (square to the stations and the lines for the zipline itself).

29) The mini-map tells you where the walls are scalable (indicated by a red icon of a pickaxe).

30) The carrier is a weapon CQC mortal. Rate of fire is insane, recoil to a minimum. Great weapon for fighting in the city - despite its low number of ammunition; therefore, it is usually necessary for the extended clip, because 13 bullets disappear in no time

31) The keys 7, 8 and 9 on the keyboard use your medicines, first aid and bandages. Should rimapparli to be able to easily access.

32) by default, voice chat is only set on the team. If you want to add the enemies to the chat, set it to 'All'

33) Snowboarding seems to increase the minimum height after which you take damage from the fall.

34) smoke grenades should not be high enough to obscure the scale of the helicopter. So do not rely on the smoke of the staircase for your ascent safe.

35) If you're in a lift (or in a vehicle at most places), use CTRL + 1,2,3,4 to change the place. If you are ADS, you can have a good vision of where you're going, and potential enemies. You can also heal while you're in the passenger seat.

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