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Mario Kart Tour: Plot of the game

Welcome! Below we have collected the cheats of Mario Kart Tour, but not only. Any achievement, code or trainer will be shown on this page if and when they are available.

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Mario Kart Tour is a video game driving mobile out by the end of the summer 2019, developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices.

We have cheats valid for IPHONE / ANDROID. The list of consoles is continuously updated from IPHONE / ANDROID, the date on which Mario Kart Tour was published.

Discover 3 cheats and cheat codes for Mario Kart Tour (IPHONE / ANDROID): Unlock new characters and karts.

Let's move on to show you the cheats after the introduction we just wrote.

Cheats: Unlock new characters: Emeralds

You have to spend emeralds to get a new character. Mario Kart Tour is generous with this currency at the beginning, but will become scarce quickly. Spend emeralds is the only way to unlock characters, karts, or gliders.

When you accumulate five emeralds, you will have to fire the cannon once to unlock it. If savings of 45 emeralds, you can get a small discount and get 10 shots of the cannon.

There are also events that allow you to earn more points by using some of the characters. You always have the guarantee of getting the character described, before the tube is empty. Each tube has 99 unlockable before being considered empty. It will take about 450 emeralds to empty a tube.

Cheats: Unlock new characters: Buy emeralds

The emeralds can still be bought in the shop the Mario Kart Tour, but there are plans to add that functionality in the future. It seems that the purchase of this currency is the easiest way to collect large quantities.

You can earn emeralds in a couple of ways by simply playing. There is a section on the challenges in the main menu that can be compiled as a paper bingo. Once you have completed every challenge on the board, you will earn the predetermined number of emeralds.

You can also win emeralds gaining gifts. These gifts are unlocked using the stars that you win in the races. This is the easiest and most consistent way to earn emeralds during most of the game.

You can continue to receive gifts provided that it continues to perform well on new tracks. You can also earn stars in races that you have already completed if you have not got five stars on that path.

Cheats: To unlock the Karts

In the Mario Kart Tour, you can earn stars for achieving the maximum in the races. These stars are automatically directed to a couple of different unlockables. The important thing to unlock karts and gliders is the gift pack. There is a specific number of stars you get to unlock the next box, then you know exactly how much you must do in your races.

After you have unlocked a gift package, you will receive an in-game currency or unlockable. The latter includes kart, and a glider.

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