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Pokemon Masters: Plot of the game

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Start a new adventure in the world of Pokémon! Explore the brand new island of Mixing! There is World Pokémon Master, a tournament in which you fight three against three. Tip to win the struggling with famous trainers and create your dream team! Form a team of three Trainers and three Pokémon, takes advantage of the weaknesses of the opponents and inflict devastating damage!

Pokemon Masters has been published on 31/08/2019 for IPHONE / ANDROID. We take care to update the list of consoles for which the game was published over time if the cheats are they also applied to new arrivals.

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Cheats: As rerollare in Pokemon Masters

Cheats Pokemon Masters: As rerollare in Pokemon Masters
Delete your account to start the process of revival is quite simple. To do this, simply tap the bottom right menu on the main game screen and tap the Accounts button in the bottom right corner. We recommend that you press Delete account and follow the movements.

After a bit of a wait, you will be redirected to the startup screen where you can tap to start again.

Rerollare in Pokemon Masters is less rewarding to the other games of its kind, as there is little incentive to save copious amounts of gems and no network virtual security against misfortune. It is a practice that can suck quickly the fun of a game, but if you are going to play Pokemon Masters for a long period of time, rerollare is something to consider.

The objective of the reroll is to optimize the beginning of the game. You will have very few gems and it can be interesting to see what pairs come out spending these gems and have to start over if you do not dovesser or exit of the couples satisfactory.

We suggest you to bet 4-5 explorations prior to re-reroll. If you don't get a unit to 5 stars when this initial point, delete your account and start over. The cost is 300 gems for a single pull, and 3000 for 10 pull, which means that there is absolutely no reason to do 10 pull for something more for comfort.

4 or 5 explorations will cost about 1200-1500 gems. You can easily get this number of gems by doing the following:

- Reach chapter 2 in the Story campaign.
- Get 1000 gems as a gift to launch and 200 gems as a bonus login
- Get 100 gems as the rewards of access regular.
- Link your account to Ninteno for a 600 bonus gems

If you can't, with these gems, to pull out at least a single character to 5 stars, start over and try again.



Cheats: Strategy guide for Pokemon Masters

The following video will show you the basics of how to play without problems, gain mastery and overcome all obstacles.

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