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Idle Park Tycoon: Plot of the game

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Welcome to the playground! As the custodian here, your task is to create a comprehensive entertainment place and expand it to become the best in the world! You can experience what it's like to actually run a playground in every way! You can set up various departments, improve the management system, harvest more funds; Expand the parking lot, increase advertising efforts, to get more tourists; Invite more employees, timely promotion and salary increase, improve work efficiency; Increase cashier personnel, unified management training, to ensure the flow of tourists; Build new places, improve old facilities, provide better entertainment support... only by doing everything you can can your casino grow!
[game features]
Simulation of the real playground, as many as a dozen different entertainment facilities Simple leisure, suitable for everyone to play a simulation of casual games Hiring managers can help you make money offline Trigger special events to help more visitors with different tastes Make important development decisions to expand the playground business reasonably and stably The game is completely free, and you can experience all the game without paying

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