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Zombie Attack: Last Fortress: Plot of the game

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Zombie Attack: Last Fortress, use different grade firepower to kill continually coming crafty zombies. Different places in the city has been attacked by infected craft zombies, people are facing the apocalypse. Now, you play the role as zombie shooter to kill the cunning zombies, prevent them from attacking the last border so as to save human beings. Don’t wait, prepare weapons and target shooting these walking corpses.
Wave of zombies are coming, reload your gun and aim to shoot the walking, floating and ruined zombies, use continuous inflict firepower to fight flocks of zombies assault. Kill more zombies to collect coins and rhinestones, upgrade your gun level by using coins and buy grenade, bloodbag and RPG to exterminate boss zombies.
*Brand new play, various situation experience: Street, Motel, Desert, Deep forest, Police station, Broken bridge, enjoy and unlock more scenes. *Real visual feelings, save the world: Dynamic scenes filled with dead atmosphere, stir up your desire to kill zombies and guard the city. *Stimulant battlefield, airdropped bombs, grenades and destroyers make the war culminate.

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