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Kiss of the Wendigo : Romance Otome Game: Plot of the game

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Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!
One afternoon, you visit the local park with your best friend, who has some exciting news to share. Eager to celebrate, she runs home, while you take your time, enjoying the fresh air and feeling happy for her. But then, you hear a terrible shriek... Disaster unfolds as you soon find yourself at the center of a supernatural murder mystery... and it seems you're next on the list! Despite wanting to avoid conflict, you soon find yourself in the company of three handsome guys who all claim they want to protect you... and all seem to have some sort of connection to the case.
Their investigations reveal the existence of terrible creatures: the Wendigo and the Sirens. These creatures are in the midst of a war between monsters, which has been brought into your own human world... and for some reason, the warring creatures are now after you! How are these three beautiful strangers connected to the monsters? Who is the legendary Monster Hunter that is prophesied to end the war? And which of these fine young suitors will win the biggest war of all... the one to win your heart?

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