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Panda Lu Treehouse - Build & Play with Tiny Pets: Plot of the game

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Have you ever dreamed of having a cute secret treehouse where you could hang out with friends, play games, eat yummies and just do fun and crazy stuff? If so, then welcome to Panda Lu Treehouse game where kids can build the most epic treehouse, create as many rooms and levels as they want, care for little pets, add fun toys and choose cute decor! Build as tall or as wide as you wish!
What can you find in panda Lu’s treehouse for kids? · 9 adorable virtual animals: kids’ favorite panda Lu, kitty Katkat, raccoon Rory, bunny Zumzum, puppy Pip, elephant Beibei, fox Mimi, sheep Tutu and baby unicorn Bowbow! · Tons of cute clothes to dress up the little animals! · A trampoline for fun bounce parties! · A dance floor for showing off your best moves! · A swimming pool for making the biggest splashes! · A fridge to sneak yummies from! · Even a giant jelly you can dive into! · And more fun with cute virtual pets!
Have fun with panda Lu and animal friends in the coolest treehouse for kids! Build, expand, play, dress up and explore!

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