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The events of Breath of the Wild are set in the fictional kingdom of Hyrule, thousands of years after Ocarina of Time, where the young hylian Link is awakened by a mysterious voice and discovers himself in a cave where she slept for a hundred years. So he decides to find out what has happened to the kingdom during his long spiritual sleep and stumbles upon a strange old man, who tells it all. A time the people of Hyrule lived in peace with the race of the Sheikah, but the harmony was soon destined to disappear when you saw the return of the ruthless Ganon, who attacked the kingdom 10000 years before and was sealed by the princess and the hero, thanks to the help of the guardians and of the giants of the sacred, the weapons of technology Sheikah. 9000 years later, the evil Ganon returns, taking this time the control of the guardians and of the giants of the sacred by killing the king, Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, the four samples, and all the inhabitants of the kingdom, near the Castle of Hyrule. Despite everything, the princess Zelda manages to block the creature in the castle of Hyrule, but Link was severely injured and, while the master Sword is handed over to the Great Deku Tree in the Forest, the hero will hibernate at the Shrine of Rebirth, where he wakes up 100 years after the beginning of the story.

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Cheats: Climbing Endless

Normally Link loses stamina when scale. Then, it must rest to recover it. The following trick allows you to continue the climb without losing stamina. Begins to climb a mountain, in any weather condition. Press B to get off, then press immediately B again while pushing the Left Analog forward. The Link should run on his or her feet in a small acceleration, recovering his stamina before climbing again. Continue to repeat this process to recover stamina, and climb without stopping. Remember to perform this trick before exhausting all the stamina, otherwise you will fall up to the total recovery.

Cheats: Get the Sword Teacher

The indestructible Sword Teacher is one of the best weapons in the game. Can not be damaged and does not have a meter running. Each way has a cooldown, and if it runs out and can not be reused until its charging. The sword can be found in a shrine in the Great Forest of Hyrule, to the northeast of Hyrule Central. To reach the area, passing through the Stables of the Woodland and continues along the road until you get to the Lost Forest. Then, it travels through the Forest Korok. While you're entering in the forest, light a torch in the brazier nearby. The torch will move in certain directions. Follow the direction of the flame. The forest is full of fog and can teleport back to the beginning. When you see that you are going to surround, to back slightly to the back to avoid it. The flame will guide you where to find the sword. To obtain it you will need 13 containers of hearts.

Cheats: Get the Shield Hyliano

The Shield Hyliano is located in the Castle Hyrule, one of the most difficult and maze-final. To ogin so you do not need to complete all the rest of the game to get the shield, and you can complete the guide and to enter in the open world. Once in the castle, go to the back turning round and round until you reach the hills behind. There is a broken bridge near the back of the castle. Go on the west side of the bridge. At the broken bridge, jump and slide until you reach the bright stones in the distance. At the top of the spiral there is a Guardian that can be difficult to defeat until you get to a higher level. Once at the top of the ramp and in front of the Keeper, run towards the gate and enter the castle, avoiding the damage from the Guardian. As you enter the door, hugging the wall to avoid the Guardian and reset it. As the Warden returns to his place, proceed towards the gate in front of you. Use the rune Cryonis to raise the gate and pass through it. You are about to enter a dungeon with lots of enemies closed in on the cell after being passed through the gate. At the end of this area there is a side room where, upon entering, wake up a boss skeletal, Stalnox. Defeat the enemy leader to get the Shield Hyliano.

Cheats: Obtain the Costume of Link's Dark

Complete the Mission 'A Customer Mysterious'. You can obtain it from the Barn Akkala East, and is to be given by a NPC called Kilton that appears in the Lake of the Skull. After you have completed the mission, Kilton will appear in the bigger cities of night, and will accept parts of the monster. Killing monsters will provide you with the parts of them that can be delivered to Kilton. You will get the following pieces of armor by trading with the corrispoondenti pieces of the monster:

Hood Dark (3 defense): 1,999 parts
Tights Dark (3 defense): 999 pieces
Tunic Dark (3 defense): 999 pieces
To get parts of a monster quickly defeat the Hinox and Lynel.

Cheats: Get the Rune Amiibo

Successfully complete the first Challenge Rune, in the Great Plateau. After you have unlocked the first rune, go to the main menu and select the option 'Amiibo'. Accept and agree to add the funzionalit'to Amiibo in the game. You can remove the rune Amiibo when you want with the option in the Amiibo Menu. While playing the game, select the rune Amiibo and press L to activate it. Now you can scan your Amiibo. Scansionalo in a fairly large area, and will appear in a treasure chest. You can bring up a treasure chest for every Amiibo that is connected to the game, once a day. The treasure chest contains coins and a single piece of armor, so it pays to scan all the Amiibo connected to the game once a day.

Cheats: Rearrange the Hearts and Stamina

During the mission 'Memories Sealed', you will arrive in the Village of Hateno. While you're there, follow the path of the modern house, near the Pond, to find a statue with black smoke. Speak with the Statue Horned to start a secondary mission. The statue initially you ruberá a container of hearts, but if we talk about the new you return. Once recovered from the heart, the statue will show all your functions. Prays to the statue to get the 'Sell', that will allow you to sell hearts and stamina for 100 rupee. You can ricomprarli at a cost of 120 rupee.

Cheats: Resurrect the Horse

If your horse dies and you want to resuscitarlo, go to the far south of Hyrule. Go over Lake Hylia and to the south of the Grassland of Feron. Through the Bridge of the God Horse to find something that looks like a fountain of the fairies. Interact and pay 1000 rupee to summon the God Horse resusciterá your horse. If one of your horses dies, you may return to this place for resuscitarlo.

Cheats: Location of the updates of the armor of Fairy

Search the listed locations to find all of the Big 4 Take to upgrade your armor. The sooner you ask 100 rupee, the second 500, the third 1000 and the fourth 10000. You will have to pay once, and you can take advantage of the services of the fairies when you want. If you want to update a dress, you will need to take to Do all the required materials.

Great Fairy Cotera: Go to the Shrine, Ta loh Naeg Shrine in the Village Kakariko and proceed to the forest. Traveling to the left from the intersection to find it near the big flower.
Great Fairy Mija: it Is located close to the Sanctuary Dah Hesho. Traveling here from the Ruins of the Citadel Akkala. Once at the ruins, proceed to the Lake Akkala to find the fairy in a glade in the centre of the lake.
Great Fairy Kaysa: it Is located near the Large Bridge Tabantha and the Hill Black. Salts on the top of the Tower Tabantha, then slides directly on the fairy.
Great Fairy Tera: journey to the Exile of the Dragon from the City of the Gerudo, then go to the area southeast of the city. Then, proceed towards the Large Skeleton of the Gerudo to find the fairy in the area.

Cheats: The location of the Hidden Treasure Chests

Search the listed locations to find the treasure chests and secret:

The Great Plateau
1. There are two treasure chests in the water near the door of the Sanctuary of Oman Au. Given that you can not swim in the water, use the Rune Magnesis to pull the case out of the water.
2. There is a treasure chest in the water near Keh Namut. Use the Rune Cryonis to build a pillar of ice and reach the treasure chest and build another one underneath the cash to get it.
3. There is a treasure chest under a large boulder next to the Sanctuary of Owa Daim. To move the boulder, use Stasis on the rock and repeatedly hit it to build his momentum. Then, turn off the Stasis to get the cash.
4. There are two treasure chests on a small space in a mud lake. Use the rune Cryonis to build a pillar of ice and jump on it to reach the space to get the treasure chest.
5. There is a treasure chest in the water closeto the Sanctuary Ja Baij. Use the rune of Magnesium to push the treasure chest out of the water.

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