Cheats and codes for: Little Inferno (SWITCH)

Cheats, codes and secrets for Little Inferno on SWITCH For example: Alternate Ending.


Little Inferno: Plot of the game

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Launch your toys on fire and play with them until they burn out. It's cold outside. Build strains fiery, robots, screaming, credit cards, batteries, fish, explosives, nuclear devices, and tiny galaxies. An adventure that takes place entirely in front of a fireplace.

Little Inferno has been published on 03/03/2017 for SWITCH. We take care to update the list of consoles for which the game was published over time if the cheats are they also applied to new arrivals.

Discover 2 cheats and cheat codes for Little Inferno (SWITCH): Alternate Ending.

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Cheats: Alternate Ending

Successfully complete the game with the Coupn for a Hug Free of charge' to see a final slightly different.

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