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Super Mario Run: Plot of the game

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It is a new type of Super Mario game that you can play with one hand. In this game, Mario is moving steadily through the scenario while you can use a variety of jumps to naigare. Mario you there differently depending on how temporeggerai with the jumps. Then everything is under your control: you can choose how to perform the character's special moves, get coins and reach the goal.

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Cheats: Strategies to Play

1. Jump at the right time
Super Mario Run is the complex to be a game playable with only one finger. Even if the only thing you can do is jump by touching the screen, the ways in which you can do this denote that there are many moves different for you.

Tap and hold makes you jump higher. Tap, hold and tap again makes you turn. Tap, hold and swipe to the left takes you back a little.

It is important to use the jump right at the right time. It's good to anticipate your next move. But don't worry if you can't get everything on the first attempt. It is clear that Super Mario Run is created to be paid again and again. And this is the only way to be able to get all the tokens are important at all levels.

2. Run, Jump against the Wall
This is really a great way to get the coins that you have left. When jumping, try to hit a wall or a brick. This will make Mario jump in the opposite direction. It's a great way to get tokens that are above or behind you.

3. Hit more blocks at the same time
If you jump at the right time, you will be able to hit in the middle of two blocks, resulting in two upgrades instead of one.

4. Play again and again to cover all the areas
Each level has different paths to be addressed. Each level has a level different, to put it in a different way. To get all the coins you need to play the same level again and again, to be able to take different routes (remember what arrow you followed).

5. Always find the Coins Challenge
The coins challenge - the pink ones at the beginning - they are coins extra special. They will give you the most points. And get these tokens exclusive allows you to judge contrived you are good at this game. Once you get 5 coins pink, will be replaced by tokens purple. Done the same thing with the tokens purple have to do it with the coins black.

6. Go where the arrows tell you
When it encounters an arrow, follow it. Will take you to something great: an explosion of coins, tokens rosa, hidden, and more.

7. Take the Flag with a somersault to a Half-Air
Jump on top of the pole to take the flag is not simple. When it jumps, make sure to perform a big jump by tapping and holding. At the end, tap the screen to spin in the air, this means that you have to stay at the same level when you move forward instead of fall - increasing the possibility to obtain the flag.

8. Stopped in the air and back down
Tap and hold the screen to perform a great jump, and then drag to the left. This will block in the air and you sent back.

9. Use well brick break
When atteri on the brick red with the pause button, the game stops. This is a good time to take a decision on what you need to go.

10. Use the bubbles to your advantage
When you die, generally you will be brought to life thanks to the expansion bubble. Will take you back to some moments. Tap the bubble to be released at the right time and use this opportunity to play better at the next attempt.

11. Beat the Boss, finding his weak point
You scontrerai with a boss every 3 levels. The way to beat him is find his weak point. Look at the surrounding environment and use it against him.

- For the blink Bowser, you'll have to drop the axe on the bridge when you are over.
- Beat Boom, Boom, use your skills in climbing the walls to get in the air, aim well your fall in such a way that it is on the head of the boss. You will have to hit it a few times in this way before it falls completely, and then continues to do this repeatedly.

12. Enhanced always before entering in a battle
Before battling, against a boss, make sure to be fully powered. This is because almost surely you will lose your energy in the collision.

13. Create an Account Nintendo
During registration, you will be prompted to create an account nintendo. Your first instinct may be to let loose to play. Take a few minutes and sign up. If you haven't, go over the options of the game to do it again. In this way, you'll have access to extra content, bonus games and much more.

14. Unlock Toad
Once the account is created you will be able to unlock the character Toad. From the screen of the realm, touching My Nintendo and select 'Redeem' under the picture of the Toad. Then back to the screen of the realm and touches on the cash gift. Here you will be able to finally redeem the character.

15. Collect Points
Close to the tab 'Redeem' inside 'My Nintendo' find 'Missions'. Here is where you can collect Points Nintendo for having done the quests: for example, to have played the Stroke of the Mushrooms for 3 or more times per day. When the button is red, press on the 'Collect Points'.

16. Rewards Redemption
The awards section has so many other accessories in addition to Toad. You can use earned points to buy nice stuff, as for example, 1000 coins for Super Mario Run and much more.

17. In the Running of the Mushrooms attentive to the Toad that you are playing
Mode Running of the Mushrooms, games to win against the mushrooms, and if you win chicken in the realms. When you start, you will see 5 challengers different with 5 different colors. You'll need of each kind of mushroom to rebuild the realm. Do not play with the same color several times.

18. Not affect more than your weight
If you lose a Race of the Fungus, you will lose the mushrooms from the realm. Then check attentamenti those who choose, and against those games.

19. Continues to jump
It is very important to be as eye-catching as possible while collecting the coins mode is the Race of the Fungi. The best way to do this is to jump. Execute each jump in - all the combinations. But be careful to get tokens while doing it.

20. Build Houses to Unlock the characters in the Construction of the Realm
When you start focused in building houses, not decorations. This is the only way to unlock funny characters such as Luigi, Yoishi or Toadette.

21. Check occasionally to find Mini-Games
The first house piazzabile grants you a bonus game. You can play once every 8 hours. Waiting for the right time to play the game and get more coins.


Cheats: Solution Mode History

The following video is more than 3 hours we will show how to finish all the levels of the mode History


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