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Last Man Standing: Plot of the game

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Sharpen your skill and kill all. Go hunting for weapons, gear, and glory in a huge field of battle in which only one can be crowned the last man standing. Earn cash prizes in monthly competitions.

Last Man Standing has been published on 29/02/2017 for PC. We take care to update the list of consoles for which the game was published over time if the cheats are they also applied to new arrivals.

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Cheats: Useful Tips

- Everything you need to do is set the pain relievers. If you are far away, once you are affected, please use them.
- If you come into a close combat, set up the medical kits into the slots fast and use them faster than you can.
- The level of battle, and' 300'. It does not help to have more, you will take between 28 and 40 damage in close combat and is practically useless.
- Grenades are very useful against opponents with shield. If you see one, delete it by hitting him with a grenade. They are also useful for killing enemies raised.
- Take more items that you can, if you are able to ignore distant goals, and run towards the supplies
- Avoid the villages with big prizes. It is full of people who suffers for nothing.
- Avoid the packs of provisions, and the area of the killings. You do not need it. All that is necessary is to have sufficient provisions to get a machine and curtains.
- If the middle point and' in town', you run as much as you can, dress and planted traps and mines, blocked the stairs and camp.


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