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Zombie Gunship Survival: Plot of the game

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THE SEQUEL OF THE FAMOUS AND BELOVED ZOMBIE GUNSHIP! Discover the power of fire of the aircraft to AC-130 and destroy the zombies in this creepy shooter. After a devastating revelation, you have the task of defending humanity from the heights of heaven as you build a base on the ground to defend from the undead. The graphics are cured in the minimums details and an authentic weaponry, the fate of humanity is in your hands!

We have cheats valid for IPHONE / ANDROID. The list of consoles is continuously updated from IPHONE / ANDROID, the date on which Zombie Gunship Survival was published.

Discover 7 cheats and cheat codes for Zombie Gunship Survival (IPHONE / ANDROID): Autoplay and Full Gameplay.

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Cheats: Mode Autoplay

This video shows how it is possible to win a level of Zombie Gunship Survival without touching any key, creating in this way a mode autoplay.

Cheats: Solution Part 1

Cheats: Solution Part 2

Cheats: Solution Part 3

Cheats: Solution Part 4

Cheats: Solution Part 5

Cheats: Solution Part 6

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