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Miitopia: Plot of the game

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In a quiet countryside village, the life runs with its pace slow and rhythmic. The peace of the village of Verdalboria, however, is destined not to last long: an evil lord evil of evil evil, is trying to expand its shadow over the whole of the kingdom, decides to appear and steal all of the faces of the inhabitants, distributing them around the continent and sticking them on the body of various monsters. It will be the task of the player (and his Mii) to defeat these creatures and return your face and peace to the inhabitants of Verdalboria.

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Discover 2 cheats and cheat codes for Miitopia (3DS): Unlockable Costumes.

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Cheats: Unlockable Amiibo

After completing two levels in the Hills Easin, a Mii dressed in a costume of Mario called 'Nintendo Fans' will ask you if you have an Amiibo from the show. Show them the Amiibo shown to get the dress or 2 - 3 Tickets to the game. The Fans, Nintendo will only accept the version that figured in an Amiibo (for example, the figurine of Isabelle Amiibo, but not the card). You can show any version of the Amiibo to get the costume, but if you show a figurine of a Amiibo for which you already have the costume, you will get 3 tickets to the game.

3 tickets to the game: Exhibition, any Amiibo not on this list.
Dress Bowser: Shows an Amiibo Bowser.
Dress Callie: Shows an Amiibo of Callie.
Daisy's dress: Show an Amiibo of Daisy.
Dress Donkey Kong: Shows an Amiibo Donkey Kong.
Dress of Power: Show a Amiibo of Ganondorf.
Dress Inkling Boy: Shows an Amiibo Inkling Boy.
Dress the Inkling Girl: see a Amiibo of the Inkling Girl.
Dress Isabelle: Shows an Amiibo of Isabelle.
The dress of K. K. Slider: Shows an Amiibo of K. K. Slider.
Dress Kirby: Shows an Amiibo of Kirby.
Dress Link: Shows an Amiibo of Link.
Dress Luigi: Shows a Amiibo Luigi.
The dress of Marie: Shows an Amiibo of Marie.
Dress Mario: Shows an Amiibo of Mario.
The dress of Mr. Reset: Shows a Amiibo of Mr. Reset.
Dress Ness: Shows an Amiibo Ness.
Dress Peach: Shows an Amiibo of princess Peach.
Dress Rosalina: Shows an Amiibo of Rosalina.
Suit Samus: Shows an Amiibo of Samus.
Dress Sheik: Shows a Amiibo of the Sheik.
Dress-Squid: Shows an Amiibo Squid.
The dress of the Toad: Shows an Amiibo Toad.
Dress Tom Nook: Shows an Amiibo of Tom Nook.
Dress Yoshi: Shows a Amiibo Yoshi.
The dress of Zelda: Shows an Amiibo of Zelda.
Suit Zero Suit Samus: Shows an Amiibo of Zero Suit Samus.

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