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Classified: France 44: Plot of the game

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Leading a team of elite Allied agents in Nazi France, wreak havoc before the Normandy landings in this turn-based strategy game.He prevails over the powerful German war machine and launches daring attacks into the conquered territories.Will you be able to make the Allies win?

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Discover cheats and cheat codes for Classified: France 44 (PC): Endless action points and no attack by enemies.

You can also download a Classified: France 44 promo trainer offered by third parties. If you run the game, this trainer will activate for you many cheats that you could not otherwise obtain.

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Trainers and cheat codes for this game

Trainers for Classified: France 44 are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the game, mainly with the aim of cheating. These functionalities are not available in other ways. Click on the preferred trainer to download it:
Download Page Classified: France 44 (12247536 / +10)
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Action Points
  • Unlimited Morale
  • No Attack By Enemies
  • Weak Enemies
  • No Reload
  • Super Speed
  • Edit: Supplies
  • Edit: Current Experience Points
  • Edit: Spent Skill Points
  • Edit: Bonus Skill Points
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