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Homeworld 3: Plot of the game

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Tactical, beautiful and truly unique, the Game of the Year award-winning real-time strategy game returns with Homeworld 3. Take control and battle your fleet in stunning three-dimensional space while enjoying a critically acclaimed story on scale galactic.

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Discover cheats and cheat codes for Homeworld 3 (PC): Fast research and game speed.

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Trainers and cheat codes for this game

Trainers for Homeworld 3 are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the game, mainly with the aim of cheating. These functionalities are not available in other ways. Click on the preferred trainer to download it:
Download Page Homeworld 3 (05-11-2024 / +5)
  • Mega Ship Credits
  • Stronger Fleet
  • Weak Enemy Fleet
  • Fast Research
  • Fast Ships
  • Game Speed
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