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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Plot of the game

Welcome! Below we have reported the Trainer of Mass Effect Legendary Edition and a small guide to its use.

The guide may not be 100% complete! If you have found something we don't have contact us. We will be happy to update this article with what you have sent us.

Do you want to get out of the box? We have cheats for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. See the Mass Effect Legendary Edition cheats page. You will find all the cheats,cheat codes, unlockables and objectives with the explanation on how to overcome them.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes remastered versions of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. Each game has been improved with updated textures, shaders, models, effects, and technical features, a modernized experience, super-sharp resolution, faster frame rates, and visual enhancements. It includes all single-player base content and downloadable content from the original games, as well as promotional weapons, armor, and packs—all remastered and optimized for 4K ultra high-definition.

The introduction is over. Here is the trainer for this game, and the related user guide.

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This trainer adds the following cheats to this game:

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