Trainer for: Loopmancer (1.02)

You will add many Cheats: Unlimited Health , Unlimited Energy , Unlimited Sprint , No Reload and many more.
Loopmancer: Plot of the game

We are happy to show you the Loopmancer trainer and the guide to its use!

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Loopmancer is a 3D roguelite platform action game with realistic graphics that takes place in a cyberpunk universe.Players play as a detective who comes to life after an unexpected death and fight in this futuristic and realistic city of the east.

Let's move on to show you the trainer after the introduction we just wrote in. Before downloading it, consult the user guide to make sure you aren't going to make mistakes.

Download Trainer

This trainer adds the following cheats to this game:
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • Weak Enemies
  • Game Speed
  • Edit: E Coins
  • Edit: Cores
  • Edit: Med Pills
  • Edit: Max Med Pills

  • Respect of the Copyright

    The software you are about to download was not created by Apocanow. However, we have permission to publish and publicize by its authors Loopmancer: Trainer - 1.02. The file you are about to download is virus free, even if sometimes your antivirus can trigger for a false positive.

Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

# Player
NumPad1: Unlimited Health
NumPad2: Unlimited Energy
NumPad3: Unlimited Sprint
# Weapons
NumPad4: No Reload
NumPad5: Unlimited Ammo
# Items
NumPad6: Unlimited Grenades
# Enemies
NumPad7: Weak Enemies
# Gameplay
NumPad8: Game Speed

Editor Options

# Currency
E Coins
# Items
Med Pills
Max Med Pills
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