Trainer for: Out of the Park Baseball 25 (25.1)

You will add many Cheats: Edit: Budget, Edit: Media Revenue, Edit: Market Size, Edit: Fan Loyalty and many more.
Out of the Park Baseball 25: Plot of the game

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Out of the Park Baseball 25 marks a milestone: 25 years of sports gaming excellence!Officially licensed by MLB, MLB Players Inc. and KBO, this year's Anniversary Edition puts you in command of your favorite baseball franchise.Your team, your legacy, your dynasty.Play what the pros play!

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Download Trainer

This trainer adds the following cheats to this game:
  • Edit: Budget
  • Edit: Media Revenue
  • Edit: Market Size
  • Edit: Fan Loyalty
  • Edit: Fan Interest
  • Edit: Infield Rng
  • Edit: Infield Error
  • Edit: Infield Arm
  • Edit: Turn DP
  • Edit: Outfield Rng
  • Edit: Outfield Error
  • Edit: Outfield Arm
  • Edit: Catcher Arm
  • Edit: Catcher Blocking
  • Edit: Catcher Framing
  • Edit: Infield Err
  • Edit: Outfield Err
  • Edit: Running Speed
  • Edit: Stealing Ability
  • Edit: Stealing Aggresiveness
  • Edit: Baserunning
  • Edit: Sacrifice
  • Edit: Bunt For Hit
  • Edit: Power vs LH
  • Edit: Power vs RH
  • Edit: Gap
  • Edit: Eye
  • Edit: Avoid Ks
  • Edit: BABIP
  • Edit: Stuff vs LH
  • Edit: Stuff vs RH
  • Edit: BABIP Movement
  • Edit: HRA Movement
  • Edit: Control
  • Edit: Stamina
  • Edit: Fastball
  • Edit: Slider
  • Edit: Curveball
  • Edit: Screwball
  • Edit: Forkball
  • Edit: Changeup
  • Edit: Sinker
  • Edit: Splitter
  • Edit: Knuckleball
  • Edit: Cutter
  • Edit: Circle Change
  • Edit: Knuckle Curve
  • Edit: Pitcher
  • Edit: Catcher
  • Edit: First Base
  • Edit: Second Base
  • Edit: Third Base
  • Edit: Shortstop
  • Edit: Left Field
  • Edit: Center Field
  • Edit: Right Field

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Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Editor Options

# FinancesBudgetMedia RevenueMarket SizeFan LoyaltyFan Interest# Edit BallplayerInfield RngInfield ErrorInfield ArmTurn DPOutfield RngOutfield ErrorOutfield ArmCatcher ArmCatcher BlockingCatcher FramingInfield ErrOutfield ErrRunning SpeedStealing AbilityStealing AggresivenessBaserunningSacrificeBunt For HitPower vs LHPower vs RHGapEyeAvoid KsBABIPStuff vs LHStuff vs RHBABIP MovementHRA MovementControlStaminaFastballSliderCurveballScrewballForkballChangeupSinkerSplitterKnuckleballCutterCircle ChangeKnuckle CurvePitcherCatcherFirst BaseSecond BaseThird BaseShortstopLeft FieldCenter FieldRight Field


For FINANCES, click Team Front Office icon or Tab.For EDIT BALLPLAYER, click Team Home Page, then click PLAYERS, then click on a player name top open then, then click RATINGS to edit them.
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