Trainer for: Kingdom Come: Deliverance (1.4.3 (STEAM + GOG) / +18)

You will add many Cheats: Unlimited Perk Points , Infinite Health , Infinite Stamina , Infinite Energy (No Sleep) and many more.


Kingdom come: Deliverance is a role-playing game open world with a gripping story that will make you live an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. Avenge the death of your parents, fend off the invaders of the kingdom, and influence events with your choices. Explore imposing castles, dense forests and prosperous villages, while trips to a medieval Bohemia more alive than ever.

Trainers for Kingdom Come: Deliverance are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the Game, mainly with the aim of cheating. These functionalities are not available in other ways. With this trainer you can: Unlimited Perk Points , Infinite Health , Infinite Stamina , Infinite Energy (No Sleep) and much more... Click on the download button to download this trainer.

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This trainer adds the following cheats to this game:
  • Unlimited Perk Points
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Energy (No Sleep)
  • Infinite Nourishment (No Hunger)
  • Change Quantity of Dropped Item
  • Unlimited Items/Groschen
  • Infinite Item Durability
  • Change Strength
  • Change Agility
  • Change Vitality
  • Change Speech
  • Super Speed
  • Slow Motion
  • Unlimited Weight
  • Change Money (Groschen)
  • Stats Editor
  • Skills Editor
  • Combat Editor
Why do you have to pay for some Trainers and Cheats?
Actually is very rare to find games containing cheats because game developers are not interested in keeping them in their games. So the creation of cheats is executed by external programmers that spend their time and skills into the creation of Trainers, programs that let you cheats on a particular game. They do it for passion or for money. Whatever the motivation, it's right to reward them for the time spent on their work.
Paid Cheats and Trainers are better in quality, contains more functionalities, are maintained and supported by their developers.

Activating this trainer

Press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey.All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

NumPad1: Infinite Health
NumPad2: Infinite Stamina
NumPad3: Infinite Energy (No Sleep)
NumPad4: Infinite Nourishment (No Hunger)
NumPad5: Change Quantity Of Dropped Item By 50
NumPad6: Unlimited Items / Groschen
NumPad7: Infinite Item Durability
NumPad8: Change Strength By 1
NumPad9: Change Agility By 1
NumPad0: Change Vitality By 1
NumPad/: Change Speech By 1
NumPad*: Super Speed 4
NumPad-: Slow Motion 0.5

Editor Options

Misc: Unlimited Item Modifier
Dropped Item: Quantity
Stats: Strength (Level)
Stats: Strength (EXP)
Stats: Agility (Level)
Stats: Agility (EXP)
Stats: Vitality (Level)
Stats: Vitality (EXP)
Stats: Speech (Level)
Stats: Speech (EXP)
Skills: Stealth
Skills: Horsemanship
Combat: Warfare
Skills: Lockpicking
Skills: Pickpocket
Skills: Alchemy
Skills: Maintenance
Skills: Drinking
Skills: Hunting
Combat: Defense
Combat: Sword
Combat: Axe
Combat: Bow
Combat: Mace
Combat: Unarmed
Skills: Herbalism
Skills: Reading


Quantity Of Dropped Item:
Open your inventory and drop an item which has a stack like coal or Groschen.
If you had dropped your last of it, pick it up. Now press hotkey or use editor.
Open your inventory to see it has changed.
Unlimited Items / Groschen:
While active open your inventory and all items which have a quantity and Groschen will
be unlimited. You can set the amount on the editor changing the 'Unlimited Item Modifier' value.
Infinite Item Durability:
While active open your inventory and all items have full durability.


These scan exclusions in your security software might be necessary to run this trainer:
The trainer exe file (or the folder its stored in)
The “Work” folder located here:
C:Users[YOUR NAME]Cheathappens

Mute Hotkeys:

To temporarily disable the Hotkeys, press CTRL-H after trainer is
activated. You can use CTRL-H to re-activate the Hotkeys as well.
You can also mute specific hotkeys by changing the hotkey you want to mute to 'NONE'.

VR Mode

- HTC Vive
Click on the 'VR Mode' button. Trainer options will now be drawn as buttons. Activate the trainer as usual with your keyboard. Put your HTC Vive on and when you are ingame press the 'Menu' button on the hand controllers to open the steam overlay. At the bottom you can click on the 'Desktop' button and you can easily press options on the trainer with your hand controller now.
- Oculus Rift
The oculus rift does not have a desktop mode as of now. You have to use the keyboard or controller hotkeys instead.

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