Walkthrough and Guide of Dancing Line for IPHONE / ANDROID

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Watch our Walkthrough, Guide and Secrets of Dancing Line (IPHONE / ANDROID)

Dancing Line combines a game mode hectic to a soundtrack carefully chosen, to create a unique experience. There are different worlds with increasing difficulty, each with a unique setting and different emotions.

Level 0: The Beginning

Level 1: The Piano

Level 1 Bonus: The Beach

Level 2: The Winter

Level 2 Bonus: Winter Remix

Level 3: The Plain

Level 3: The Plain Remix Reggae

Level 4: Earth

Level 5: The Mountains

Level 6: The Storm

Level 7: The Desert

Level 8: Autumn

Level 9: The Crystal

Level 10: Chaos

Level 11: The Cathedral

Level 12: The Chinese Garden

Level 13: the Story of The Sailor

Level 14: All about Us

Level 15: Halloween

Level 16: The Labyrinth

Level 17: The Christmas


Nimbus Wheel


Christmas event

Cheetah Teddy Bear

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