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oditi this game with the quality of the console, great controller, in a world that you can explore for hours! Helps Bo and Kikki Starlit to find the stars that Nuru has stolen the sky! Explore fantastic worlds, challenge, creatures and solve puzzles while wearing special costumes!!! Starlit Adventures is an original game of adventure and plataforme especially created for mobile. The game makes for hours of a lot of fun with a good controller, unique characters, beautiful graphics and a great variety of mechanics to ensure a memorable experience.

Levels 1-4

Levels 6-8

Levels 9-12

Levels 13-16

Levels 17-20

Levels 21-24

Levels 25-28

Levels 29-32

Levels 33-36

Levels 37-40

Levels 41-44

Levels 45-48

Levels 49-52

Levels 53-56

Levels 57-60

Levels 61-64

The challenge of Christmas

Challenge Free Fall 1

Challenge, Free-Fall 2

Challenge to Paco

The challenge of Muu

Infinite Tower

The challenge of the Robe of the Dragon

Challenge of Baba

The challenge of the Robe of the Unicorn

Challenge of the garments in the Wheel

The challenge of the Robe of the Dinosaur

The challenge of the Robe Electrical

Challenge of the clothes of the Swimmer

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