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It becomes a bold thief in the City of Brass, a difficult game roguelite first person in a thousand and one night. Armed with a scimitar and a whip which, besides that hit, you can grab, sgambetti, disarm, stun, or destroy, the player will have to make his way with sword and whips, including baits and traps through hordes of the undead, trying to reach the exit of each level before the end of the Sands of time, collecting treasures and looting chests in search of improvements in weapons and armour or powerful relics. But the town also has its pitfalls. The player will have to jump over pits, slide under the blades, avoid spears and arrows, avoiding them or using the parts of the floor, jump away and turn around to traps with gas poisonous; and in the meantime will have to take advantage of these dangers to get an advantage on enemies. Watch our Walkthrough, Guide and Secrets of City of Brass (PC / PS4 / XBOX ONE)

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Whip Ice-Cold


Whip The Burning


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