Walkthrough and Guide of Tooth and Tail for PC / PS4

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Driving the revolution with an army of wild Boars fire-eaters, skunks lanciagas and owls paratroopers. A real game of real-time strategy mode single-player and multiplayer. Watch our Walkthrough, Guide and Secrets of Tooth and Tail (PC / PS4)

Part 1

This is the part 0 of the Walkthrough of Tooth and Tail, called: Part 1. Press on the corresponding video twice to open it!

Part 2

Press two times to show the video number 1 of the Walkthrough of Tooth and Tail, entitled: Part 2. Remember to leave a comment before going away!

Part 3

Here is the video Part 3, number 2 of the Guide of Tooth and Tail. If you enjoyed our work of Walkthoughs recover, subscribe and leave a comment!

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