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Puzzle Pelago - A Drag & Drop Economy: Plot of the game

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From a felled tree to a comfy chair lots of steps are necessary in between. But there is not much room on these islands - where do all the buildings go? Not to mention the roads in-between - the stubborn islander's can't stand crossings, because they keep running into each other!
Enjoy a mind-boggling new game that takes concepts from economy simulation games and turns them into a puzzle, all in a relaxed and sea-breeze filled atmosphere.
Simple Mechanics, Complex Puzzles * Drag & Drop: From a forest you drag a lumber jack to produce logs, and from a lumber jack you drag a saw mill to produce planks * Combine: Make iron by combining coal and ore, or furniture by combining tools and planks! * Satisfy: You can finish each puzzle by delivering all required goods to the homes that ask for them

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