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Maglam Lord: Plot of the game

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Maglam Lord takes you on an adventure that involves forging Magic Swords. The protagonist is a Demon Lord who once ran rampant and can mutilate and destroy even such high-ranking beings without question, was strongly viewed by both sides as the enemy of the world. Eventually, the Demon Lord became surrounded by an alliance of gods and demon lords. However, by his loyal retainer, he managed to escape from danger and went into a deep slumber to recover. Players will get the option to choose between a male or a female protagonist at the start of the game. As a demon lord, the player needs to find a potential partner by increasing bonds with other characters. Each love interest will have a likability factor to manage. Players can increase this rank by battling together, selecting the right responses to their questions, and giving characters their favorite items as you progress through the story.

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