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Survival Arena: Plot of the game

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The Arena of survival is based on these fundamental factors: you do not need to recruit the troops the best or win a PvP battle, what counts is to win against all odds! Build towers, strong potential, and tries to fend off hordes of enemies! At the top, where the raging cyclones, thunder squalls and endless, an enormous ship Arena steering wheel, it opens a passage through the oceans of the world exterminated. The Arena is legendary and surrounded by myths and superstitions. It is said to be directed by a captain who for some years has lost all of its wheels. A man who has sacked and looted more than all the other captains put together. You have reached the old age, he decided to organize the biggest challenge of all the flying islands: the tournament of the Island of survival.

The cheats in our possession are valid for IPHONE / ANDROID and they should be all the valid ones since the game came out, that is 11/05/2017. We update the list of consoles every time.

Discover 2 cheats and cheat codes for Survival Arena (IPHONE / ANDROID): Useful Tips and Strategies.

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Cheats: Useful tips and Strategies

- Is it normal to lose: in the Survival Arena sooner or later, the enemies will have, the better. All that matters is the highest score. There are many, many ways to do so that you have the most kills of your friends, do not be discouraged if your enemies eventually pass through your defenses.

- Race the Enemy: the game development in the construction of their defences, without seats predetermined in which to erect the towers. Then, the more time you do run the enemies, the more damage they will receive.

- Is it better to use all together: synergy is the key to victory. For example, slow down the Boss with a Tower of Ice, it is useful to make sure that the other towers the to do more damage. Or freeze the enemies and then make them in pieces with a mortar. The possibilities are endless.

- Do not underestimate the Heroes
Are the center piece of your Arsenal. Your general virtual, if we want to. Use them as an additional source of damage, or destroy the enemy towers in a Duel. The controls are super easy, with Heroes that are automatically selected. Simply tap to move or attack. And if they die do not worry, they will come back again after a short period of time.

- Test strategies differeni
Persistence is a trademark of the Samples of the Survival Arena. Do not be scared to change the cards on the table about the arsenal used or the mapping. It is often the only way to get to places higher in the standings.

Cheats: Solution and strategy Guide

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