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Crown Wars: The Black Prince: Plot of the game

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The Crown War rages on.Knights and brigands spread desolation throughout the country.In this turn-based tactical and strategic game, from your castle you will fight to become the lord who leads battles against the forces of evil.

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Discover cheats and cheat codes for Crown Wars: The Black Prince (PC): Game speed and endless move.

There is a promo Trainer available for Crown Wars: The Black Prince, too. If you download and run it while playing your game, it will unlocks new features, usually additional cheats not obtainable in any other way.

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Trainers and cheat codes for this game

Trainers for Crown Wars: The Black Prince are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the game, mainly with the aim of cheating. These functionalities are not available in other ways. Click on the preferred trainer to download it:
Download Page Crown Wars: The Black Prince (ORIGINAL / +6)
  • Easy Buy Max Resources
  • Super Damage
  • Super Invincible
  • Unlimited Move
  • Unlimited Attack
  • Fast Heal Barracks
  • Game Speed
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