Fairy Tail - Full Movie

The complete film of Fairy Tail, created from a mix of game and kinematics, lasting 25 minutes.
Fairy Tail - Full Movie

Play the role of powerful mages from various guilds 16 playable characters! More characters added in addition to the ones in Fairy Tail! In addition, the game contains an original episode.

Wwe also have cheats for Fairy Tail! You can find them in the appropriate Fairy Tail cheats page. Inside there are paragraphs about cheats and unlockables relative to the game. If you are stuck somewhere in the game, or if you just want have more fun out of the rules, no way is better than consulting the cheats we have collected for you.

Do you think that's not enough? We also have the walkthrough of Fairy Tail! You can find it in the appropriate Fairy Tail walkthrough page. In that page there are one or more videos containing the guide to the various pieces of game. If you are stuck somewhere in the game there is no way better than seeing the videos we've collected for you.

You want lots of effective cheats? Then you have to try the trainer of Fairy Tail available on this site. Download it and run it while playing: it will allow you to unlock new cheats otherwise not unlockable.

Open the following video of Fairy Tail, put it in full screen and enjoy the show! The video lasts 25 minutes.

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