Ghost of Tsushima - Full Movie

The complete film of Ghost of Tsushima, created from a mix of game and kinematics, lasting 390 minutes.
Ghost of Tsushima - Full Movie

We are at the end of the thirteenth century and the mongol Empire devastated whole nations in his campaign to conquer the East. The island of Tsushima is all that divides Japan from the mongol invasion. The island is in flames in the aftermath of the first wave of the assault on the mongol samurai Jin Sakai decides who will do what he can to protect his people and reclaim his homeland. • The ancient splendor of the island is still intact despite the war: discover the hidden wonders of Tsushima in this action-adventure, open-world. • The birth of the Spectrum: opens a new path and embark on a war, not a conventional for free Tsushima. • Mud, blood and steel: the challenge of the opponents with the katana for an immersive experience fighting samurai, padronegga the arc to eliminate the threats distant and develops tactics of stealth to ambush enemies.

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Open the following video of Ghost of Tsushima, put it in full screen and enjoy the show! The video lasts 390 minutes.

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