Touken Ranbu Warriors - Full Movie

The complete film of Touken Ranbu Warriors, created from a mix of game and kinematics, lasting 540 minutes.
Touken Ranbu Warriors - Full Movie

Touken Ranbu Warriors is the first-ever console game in the Touken Ranbu series. The experience promises to combine the Touken training of the Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- simulation game with the breathtaking action of Koei Temco’s popular Warriors musou series, delivering must-play 1 vs. 1,000 combat. Touken Ranbu Warriors features 15 characters from Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-, where famous swords take the form of warriors named Touken Danshi (swordsmen), and the elite fighters are sworn to protect history. In Touken Ranbu Warriors, members of Touken Danshi have been drifting through time without their master—the Saniwa—to lead them, when they are suddenly attacked by the fearsome History Retrograde Army (HRA). After the initial conflict, the Touken Danshi are approached by the Government of the Time, and sent on a mission into the war-torn Sengoku Era where the revision of Japanese history is already underway. Can the Touken Danshi heroes restore order while restoring the original timeline? The fierce but beautiful battles of the Touken Danshi are finally a reality!

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Open the following video of Touken Ranbu Warriors, put it in full screen and enjoy the show! The video lasts 540 minutes.

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