Trainer for: Northgard ( / +7)

You will add many Cheats: Add Food , Add Gold , Add Wood , Unlimited Villagers and many more.
Northgard: Plot of the Game

Welcome! Below we have reported the Trainer of Northgard with also attached a small guide to its use.

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Northgard is a strategy game based on norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vichingi for the control of a new continent mysterious.

Let's move on to show you the trainer after the introduction we just wrote in. Before downloading it, consult the user guide to make sure you do not make mistakes.

Download Trainer

This trainer adds the following cheats to this game:
  • Add Food
  • Add Gold
  • Add Wood
  • Unlimited Villagers
  • Instant New Villagers
  • Mega Lore
  • Mega Stone and Iron
  • Max Fame
Why do you have to pay for some Trainers and Cheats?
Actually is very rare to find games containing cheats because game developers are not interested in keeping them in their games. So the creation of cheats is executed by external programmers that spend their time and skills into the creation of Trainers, programs that let you cheats on a particular game. They do it for passion or for money. Whatever the motivation, it's right to reward them for the time spent on their work.
Paid Cheats and Trainers are better in quality, contains more functionalities, are maintained and supported by their developers.

Respect of the Copyright

The program you are about to download was not created by Apocanow. However, we have permission to publish and publicize by the authors of the Trainer Northgard Trainer - v1.8.3.14247. The contents of the file are virus free, even if sometimes they can trigger the AV as false positive.

Using this Trainer

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
Listen for "Activated".
Press desired option key

Options in Promo

Numpad 8: Max Fame


Numpad 1: Add Food
Numpad 2: Add Gold
Numpad 3: Add Wood
Numpad 4: Unlimited Villagers
Numpad 5: Instant New Villagers
Numpad 6: Mega Lore
Numpad 7: Mega Stone and Iron
Numpad 8: Max Fame


Numpad 1: Add Food - each press gives max food amount.
Numpad 2: Add Gold - each press adds more.
Numpad 3: Add Wood - each press adds more.
Numpad 4: Unlimited Villagers - toggle on and you can create
more villagers than the max. Keep in mind that the
game WILL crash if you make 1000's of units.
Numpad 5: Instant New Villagers - click on your TOWN HALL and leave
it there. Toggle this on and your villagers are created
very quickly. Make sure to stay on the TOWN HALL while
doing this. Toggle back OFF from the TOWN HALL when done.
You can quickly create a bunch of workers and etc. this way
or use this to make villagers to convert to scouts and
warriors, etc.
Numpad 6: Mega Lore - press to give plenty of Lore.
Numpad 7: Mega Stone and Iron - press to give plenty of Stone and Iron.
Numpad 8: Max Fame - toggle on and your FAME is maxxed out.
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