Remnant: From the Ashes: Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough, guide and secrets for Remnant: From the Ashes (PC / PS4 / XBOX ONE) For example: Endless Health and Endless Stamina.
Remnant: From the Ashes:

Introduction and plot

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Complete solution

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Complete textual guide

Your character will have to travel the various worlds collecting objects and upgrades, and killing enemies.
You can recharge all your weapons and life resources by resting at the Lock Point or using consumables scattered throughout the game.
Enemies within a level are always the same (applies to both weak enemies and miniboss), but their disposition within the level is random except for some exceptions.
If you are in big trouble you can go back and rest at the blocking point, but this will force you to 

This guide will explain you how to go through the various levels until you reach the end of the game.


Ward 13
- Neutral
- Here you can buy supplies
- Once you have taken the Ward 13 card, you can unlock the lower levels, discover the secrets and get a SMG and some volumes of knowledge

Founder's hideout
In the Ward tile room, break the shelf to find an armor inside. Make your way along the route. Once you reach the junction where you will kill the Archer Root, do not go to the right but continue straight towards the Hidden Cave.

- Root minor warriors: from afar they launch axes that can be easily avoided by walking sideways. With a few hammer blows they die.
- Root Archer: you can only kill him from a distance with a firearm. Thoroughly timing the side walk to dodge and when not dodging, shoot the head. It will take several shots to kill him.

Hidden Cave
- Full of traps
- Ball Monsters with ax: they are very easy to kill if you have an equipped hammer.
- Explosive monsters: if they hit you they send you: Root decay. When you see them, take out the gun and kill them at a distance.
- Swordsman Root: Parry all the frontal attacks with firearms and it is practically a suicide to attack him frontally melee, even if possible. The best way to kill him is by shooting him in the back. It is very slow, so you can find a suitable point on the map to draw it in to make it turn in circles, while you take advantage of the moments in which it is back to shoot at it.
- Root submachine gun: you can easily kill it with the gun. Choose a place where you can hide and have a good view, possibly higher than the boss. Go out and shoot him, but hide immediately before he starts shooting or it will be your end. As he shoots he gets close to you then he changes hiding often, even going back to the cleaned up areas. Repeat until it dies.

First of all, talk to the hunter next to the checkpoint. He will give you a key,
once the dungeon is completed he returns to Ward 13 for upgrades, then returns to the fork and this time take the road to the right. Try to have the cleanest possible scenario and start the fight with the giant Root. If you don't want to die right away you have to attack it from a distance and dodge it the moment it is about to hit you with the loaded attack. Always keep your distance and hit him with the hunting rifle. A dozen shots will suffice to kill him. Once this is done continue and enter the illuminated manhole. +

- Exactly like the Hidden Cave, but without traps and with 3 miniboss. Put into practice all that you have learned in the Cave, plus you have the hunter's gun that will allow you to kill the miniboss more easily.

The Grinder
The first boss of the game, an enhanced version of the giant Root with a sharp sword. It is not a difficult boss in itself, just shoot him at close range with the shotgun and be reactive to dodge when he attacks. The difficulty is to do all this while trying to avoid the Explosive Root that will try to explode in your face. Once the fight has begun, attract the mugger into the large hall and shoot with the shotgun, appropriately updated at level 5. If explosive Roots arrive you can choose to dodge them while they explode or shoot with the rifle, the important thing is not to do too many things together: it will be impossible to dodge the muncher while trying to dodge the other Root, maybe while reloading. Try to harmonize your actions and the muncher will fall.

Return to the surface and arrive at the center: a portal will open that will allow you to rest and return to Ward 13 for upgrades.
Talk to the old man for information and possibly supplies and enter the city. Continue along the path killing the enemies. Inside a building you will find a useful ring.
It will not be difficult to get to the end of the route

Chapel Station
This place is characterized by intense clashes with many Root, although of low level. The best thing to do is to go hand-to-hand by choosing the right time to come out and kill them all. Sometimes it won't be possible because the enemies are too many. In this case you can use the shotgun with the fiery modification to easily kill them in groups.

- Ethereal Summoner: defends himself by becoming ethereal and attacks by summoning Root. Killing him is a priority. Don't go to him melee, but kill him at a distance, perhaps with a shotgun.
- Root Reaper: it is similar to the swordsman. Stand at a distance, kill him with the shotgun.

The Church will be an arena where you will have to resist the assault of the Root for 2 minutes. Their main goal is the Root Mother. In fact, if you escape me from the fight they will bet it, killing it. It is quite durable but cannot withstand combined attacks. You must then turn and kill all the Roots, giving priority to the miniboss.
Once you have passed these two minutes, talk to the Root Mother, then continue along the passage to the next locking point.
Then return to Ward 13, talk to the Root Mother then continue your journey from the last point of the block.

As soon as you enter, on the right, you can access Forca.
The streets are full of Root Pistoleri and the fights will be done at a distance. The hunter's gun will be extremely useful in this part of the map.
Some buildings can be searched in search of materials and experience.
You arrive at the block point, and you can interact with a tree. Continue making your way with the hunter's gun, until the next blocking point

- Root Pistolero: extremely fragile but fast and shoots multiple bullets.
- Root Aunter: it evokes puddles that cause disease. If you go to hand to hand, go away after a few shots otherwise kill him quickly with the shotgun.

As soon as you enter rest at the blocking point, then enter the fog. A video scene will start, then an arena-style fight will begin. Survive by killing all the Roots, the advice is to move often so you don't end up surrounded.
At the end of the fight a forge will be generated from which you can buy armor.

Garden of Ashes
In the Garden of Ashes you will have to clash with Burn, the second boss of the game. It's a very complex boss:

- Has a wide variety of attacks
- It is helped by a minor Root that often regenerates. It could be a small detail, except that the Root becomes more powerful when in contact with fire. The enhanced Root is stronger and more aggressive and if you hit it melee take damage.
- Use both ranged and physical attacks. If you are hit by the fire you get the Burning debuff which causes constant damage.

These are the tips to eliminate it:
- Care about your main weapon. You will need it.
- Always stay at a distance. If you specialize in ranged weapons the boss is easier, otherwise it becomes complicated.
- Hit the orange heart of the dragon, which exposes in some cases, to seriously damage it. If you are good you can hit the heart of the dragon even while throwing fireballs.
- The minor root, although an enemy, can be used as a shield by the fireballs of the dragon
- If you are carrying ammunition from the body of the minor root, reloads will come out.
- The dragon will expose its heart when it needs to recharge. It is the right time to hit him with the sniper rifle and severely damage him.
- Try to keep the view on the dragon. It is difficult, but often and willingly, as you run away, it will be attacking you. It is good to understand what type of attack is being used to be able to dodge it at its best.
- Preserve your vitality and use care if needed, whenever possible.

Once the dragon is eliminated you will get many experiences, a new feature, materials and the possibility of building a Ward flamethrower. Go on.

La Torre
This imposing tower will appear before you in all its majesty. Use the portal to enter inside.
Talk to the caretaker and ask him all the questions to unlock the goal. Eventually you will be transported to the maze.

The Labyrinth
After the checkpoint go straight on. Read the book then use the portal to enter a new world.


East Wind
Talk to the worshiper, then head inside the village and cross it killing the enemies.
On the left you will find the entrance to a dungeon called the Atrium of the Sun. We recommend that you complete the dungeon first and then continue.


- Indigenous Shaman: Throws slow but dangerous darts. You can kill him with the hunter's gun or go hand-to-hand
- Indigenous warrior: you can kill him melee or hurt him first with the gun and finish him off with the hammer.
- Indigenous lancer: once he has launched his lance you are free to go hand to hand and kill him
- Dog: by timing the attacks well you can kill him melee

If you have already completed the sun hall you can kill the enemies with the ray gun, which will make the level very simple. Go to the new blocking point and you will find yourself at a crossroads. Go south, keep making your way through the houses of the village, then continue towards the entrance to the dungeon.

Atrium of the Sun
This dungeon presents new and particular enemies:

- Protector with plasma rifle: he can use physical attacks or shoot bullets at the plsma, even on the ground. I recommend killing them from afar by aiming at the head.
- Explosive protector: it hits with physical attacks and if it is killed it explodes. You can stay at a distance but if you choose to compare melee run away at the end to avoid the explosion.
- Claw protector: fast and effective, although it doesn't do much damage. It occurs in a pack, killing it from a distance would use many bullets, it is possible to kill them all easily, but you will surely take damage.

Walk the dungeon up to the portal, which will take you to the second level, where you will have to collide in an arena.
Atrium of the Sun: the lost launching ramp.
Rest at the checkpoint and enter the fog. Go to the back of the room and activate the terminal. Now you will have to resist the attacks until the door is opened.
Verrette assaulted by many enemies, often you won't even have time to shoot or attack. This clash is absolutely impossible to complete if you do not choose the right arena area in which to position yourself. Run towards the upper stairs and enter the side rooms. Walk down the street to the end of a room, eliminate the enemies inside and defend the door. In this way the enemies will be able to attack from a single point that you can defend well with the shotgun or with the hammer if they get too close.
At the end of the battle, at this point it became easier, continue towards the open door to get the Speargun, which will send, for the moment, the Pump Shotgun.

The Burrows
You will meet new Doom-style enemies in this Dungeon. Ironically, the old weapons will be more effective than the new ones: the shotgun is extremely effective as it will temporarily stifle all the enemies hit consistently. The speargun instead, although it does damage, it will enhance the attacks of the enemies, making each fight a massacre for both.
The aim is always to reach the other part of the dungeon.

- Flying Skulls: directly from Doom, flying skulls that spit out plasma. They are extremely fragile and vulnerable to ranged weapons. They exist in the radioactive and explosive variant, which must be killed before it reaches you.
- Mutated: extremely dangerous, but it will be easy to kill with the shotgun. Approach only with the loaded rifle and shoot at close range to the head to finish it with a few shots.
- Mechanical machine gun: to kill it you will have to hit it with the shotgun and hide yourself. In case a blow stuns you, go outside and finish it.
- Summoner: evokes radioactive spheres. It is to be killed quickly with the shotgun from close range. But try to dodge the spheres it generates in the meantime.

Search the area to get a tome of knowledge and a very useful health + 25% ring.

Predator's Cove
Talk to the predator who will ask you not to make noise. At the end of the chat you go sideways crouched without going between the dogs. I didn't try to get in the way.

Abrasive desolations
Continue your journey after the blocking point. In this area you will find natives with flying skulls. Nothing new. Go all the way to the east.

Chained Canyon
This is a dungeon that will see you engaged in a distance fight over who is the best shooter, a fight interrupted only by confrontation against dogs and shamans.

- Shooter Indigenous: quick to position, aim and shoot, he is smart and hides. It is however extremely fragile, it goes down with one stroke.
- Indigenous Rocket Launcher: exactly like the shooter, but much more dangerous. Kill it as soon as you can.
- Dogs: you can safely kill them with a hammer
- Radioactive Shamans: extremely dangerous, kill them on sight, possibly with the hunter's gun or the shotgun.

Tana del Senzaocchi
Rest at the checkpoint and enter the fog. You will now face the first boss of this new world: the devastator.
It is not a difficult boss if you understand the mechanics and if, above all, you use the spear gun. The devastator does two things: screams and vomits fireballs. In the first case you have to shoot him in the mouth with all the firepower you have. In the second case you have to hide. After shouting the devastator hides and many skulls and radioactive skulls come out. The key to killing the boss easily is to move around often. If you remain still, the skulls will surround you and you will not know who to shoot first. As you move, the texts will bind you to follow you and you can surprise them all together using the ray gun.

Abrasive Desolations 2
Continue your journey to the merchant. You can pay 100 scraps for information, and open the doors to the previous dungeon. Without everything, proceed to the next dungeon.

The purge room
Once you enter the dungeon you will be struck by a curse. You have to pass the dungeon very quickly. Bring care and objects that increase stamina and health, and run the dungeon with the shotgun. Once you get to the other side, the curse will cease and you will get the Corruption Flail, a melee weapon. Use the checkpoint to exit the dungeon. Once out of the dungeon go back to the merchant area, go through the gates and go north where you will find the dungeon: The Bunker

The Bunker
This dungeon contains the same enemies as the dungeon The Burrows. The same advice given for that dungeon applies. In the second level you will have to fight against the Harrow.
He is a melee boss, not particularly difficult to handle with a shotgun. If you can hit yourself you are practically dead, the concept is to keep it at a distance as much as possible and kill it as quickly as possible. In fact, when you feel difficult, the boss will run away, giving way to many protectors with claws even in radioactive version. The tactic to get them out quickly is to target the radioactive, which with their explosion will kill even the normal ones. Careful because the boss will come back and this time also helped by the protectors. If you can re-establish the order by or during the Boss's return it will be pretty easy to send it down.
Once the boss is defeated, continue to the door and exit the dungeon

Abrasive Desolations 3
Now you are able to open the Sun Gate. From the central area with the checkpoint go north and place the Howling Key. After the opening scene of the portal continue inside the Tower

Immortal Throne
As you enter you will witness a video scene that will show the appearance of the Immortal King. After a brief dialogue he will propose you to bring him the Heart of the Beast.
If you refuse the offer it will attack you, if you accept it it will open a portal for Corsus where you can continue your adventure.
It is possible to temporarily accept the offer, and return later to face it. We highly recommend taking time and skipping the fight if you are playing alone, because this boss is really very difficult to beat. Accepting the offer will allow you to become stronger, and eventually you can come back later to defeat him. For the moment, therefore, we skip this confrontation and accept the offer.


The fetid clearing
New planet, new enemies.


Fetid Dog: this monster has the appearance of a dog, it can dive into the ground and ambush you. When it is below ground, prepare to dodge its ambush at the right time.
Fetido Guerriero: a normal warrior, rather resistant. On the swamp it can crawl and cling to your legs, dragging you on the ground and damaging you.
Mutated Fetid: is a miniboss. Rather resistant and dangerous, it must be thrown down with the shotgun as soon as possible. Do not try to confront body to body, it will be a massacre. When you kill him, he will go into a state of daze, you will have to finish him before he recovers.
Fetid Summoner: it is the most dangerous. He can summon warriors to infinity. It is easy to knock off, but once done it must be finished by hitting the shell again or it will regenerate.

Make your way along the swamp, but beware of surprises: the new enemies are rather aggressive.
To the north you will find the road blocked as you will need a key. Exactly proceed from the checkpoint to the south. Along the way you will find a SIMULACRO and much fewer enemies than choosing to go to the center. Continue towards the end of the dungeon in the yellow portal.

The hut
In this arena you will face the impure. It's a simple boss if you have the right equipment. The advice is to use the Speargun with Blades of Rovi. Target the head or back.
Boss ability:
- He can jump on you with his hammer. To avoid this, dodge in a lateral direction
- If you are far away, you can throw the hammer at it. While he is without a hammer, he can still carry you with your body if you are too close, but his first thought will however be to recover the hammer
- Giravolta with hammer. It will become a top, brandishing the hammer. You must avoid it.
- Supporting Fetidi Warriors: the fetid warriors will help the boss in the task of killing you. Take them out with the speargun or melee if you can't do otherwise, but the best thing is to make it the boss's fury to do it for you. In fact, all the boss's abilities and shots will kill his own minions that will stand between him and you.

Once the boss is killed, exit the hut and continue the journey.


Misty Swamp

- Swordsman: a traditional swordsman. If you are away you will throw the sword.
- Mutated swordsman: if you kill him he will become a Fetid Warrior.
- Corrosive moth: resistant, and with an extremely corrosive scream. It's a miniboss. You can hit it and kill it easily with the shotgun, even in its resting form.

Proceed along the path to the next roadblock. You will find a ring along the way. Talk to Queen Iskaal and tell her that you will recover the guardian's heart for her and if you want to buy the Scythe from her.
Then go back and continue the path. Once past the village, the monsters who oppose you can be killed with a hammer.

The capillary
Armored Dog: has the type attacks of an
Iskaal dog with shotgun: a rifleman who strikes from the distance with a shotgun.
Iskaal with harpoon: he is like the rifleman but he shoots a harpoon. You will get a stunning effect if you hit the
giant Iskaal: a strong and aggressive giant. It is particularly vulnerable to the shotgun with the fiery mod.
Iskaal martelliere: it is an extremely dangerous miniboss. When it appears use the fiery mod and kill it. Don't get hit for any reason, and be careful when throwing the hammer. Normally he will pick it up again but he could also choose to attack you unarmed, and it is still extremely dangerous.

Search inside the dungeon to find a ring. This ring will slowly restore your health over time. It is practically useless over time as the cure is too small. But it can be extremely useful, after a fight in the middle of the path: just equip the ring and stay still for a few minutes and you will recover all your health without spending a dragon heart. The dungeon is quite difficult. You will need the possibly updated shotgun and supplies. It's a long dungeon full of strong creatures.

Forge of moss In
here you will have to face a new boss: the slave.
It is not a particularly difficult boss if you have good corrosion resistance and an updated shotgun / pistol from the hunter. This boss throws you corrosive and creates corrosive pools in the ground. The key is to approach him by shooting. In this way he will be busy running away and will not be able to hit them or create puddles. The problem is that it will be helped by two moths that regenerate a few seconds after they die. This will force you to get away from the boss to think about killing them and then look for the boss again. When it becomes weak, the boss can launch corrosive attacks from afar, directly on the ground. When it happens, you will have to run and shoot continuously until the end of the effect.
It may happen that you will have to escape from these attacks while shooting at the moths that are attacking you. Once normal, you can use the hunter's gun to hit the boss. 

Misty swamp 2
Come out you can open the gate to the remaining part of the swamp and continue your journey to the next dungeon

The cave
Rest at the checkpoint and go down to enter the area. You have arrived at the final boss of this planet: the Uardian Ixilis XV.
It is not a particularly difficult fight but it is necessary to hold positions, understand mechanics well and have eyes everywhere. The clash takes place in 3 phases:

Weapons used: Hunter's gun with mod cure and Speargun with Mod di Fuoco

- Phase 1: Ixilis XV is alone, and attacks you by throwing corrosive spheres, trying to hit you with the spear and evoking spheres that will try to reach you to explode in your face.
In this phase you have to timed the dodges well to avoid attacks with the lance and the throwing of corrosive balls. When the spheres are evoked, keep your eyes on them and how to approach them, hit them with the beam gun.
Once the 1/4 life boss is down, Phase 2 will begin

- Phase 2: Ixilis XV evokes a copy of it, Ixilis XVI, with the same abilities, and will be positioned on the other side of the bridge. For the moment, he will stand aside and you can continue to beat XV. At one point both copies will start to load a scream: you will have to be very fast and be found with the loaded rifle. 
Hit both bosses in the face repeatedly until they explode. When a boss explodes quickly move to the other and do the same thing. You will cause enormous damage to both.
Now, XV will stand aside and you will have to fight XVI alone, for about fifteen seconds.

- Step 3: Now even the boss on the sidelines will enter the fight and you will have to have eyes everywhere. The passive boss introduces only one skill in the game: to cast a powerful beam ahead of him. He will not directly hit you, but only the area in front of him. For this you must always have an eye on the passive boss and stay on the opposite side of the bridge to hit the active boss. The abilities, including the scream, with subsequent boss swap will be repeated until you can kill one of the bosses.

- Phase 4: only one boss left, this will summon a large number of balls before re-entering combat. They are your primary goal. If you manage to destroy them you can finish the boss, who will always have the same skills as before, but he can also throw the light beam.

At the end of the fight you will receive lots of experiences and objects, you can get to the end of the road to open some boxes, but then you will have to go back to the checkpoint to return to Ward 13 for upgrades.

Roth: Throne of Light 2
It is time to make a choice: to give the Heart of the Guardian to Queen Ikaar or to the Immortal Emperor. In this guide we will give heart to the Queen and we will face the emperor. Now we have the strength to defeat him.
Use this configuration: 

Weapon 1: Gun of the Huntsman - Mod Mantle of
Briars Weapon 2: Fucle Spokes: Mod of Fire

Step 1: As soon as you finish talking to the emperor, slide down the stairs. Kill the 4 Vyr guardians by hitting them in the head with the hunter's gun. In this phase the emperor remains to watch, evoking spheres at regular intervals. When the spheres appear, take out the speargun and take them out. Once all the followers are killed, hit the emperor in the head with the hunter's gun. If it summons other spheres, take the rifle and destroy them.

Phase 2: this phase begins when the emperor evokes the sickles. In addition to being, it will evoke two spheres and exit the 4 Vyr containers. 
It is the most complex phase of the battle. You have to stay away from the emperor, but also away from his sight. As soon as he sees you, he will attack you with a great leap and there will be no hope for you, except in very rare fortuitous cases.
You must therefore hide behind the columns, making sure that you do not have the emperor within your reach. While doing this you must constantly kill the Vyr followers of the emperor by aiming at the head. Hit the emperor only if there are no followers or spheres, but remember what was said before. The emperor's sickles have a limited duration, after thirty seconds they will disappear and the emperor will return to being harmless. It must be damaged as much as possible to bring it to phase 3.

Phase 3: in phase 3 the emperor will direct towards the throne putting himself in a form of stasis. The room will be filled with Vyr with claws that will come in sparse. Besides being deadly as scattered, there is the problem that this phase must be completed as soon as possible or the emperor will regain all its vitality. Precisely for this reason, take the hunting gun and use the Mod now loaded with Rovi's Mantle. You can choose, based on your configuration, whether to kill monsters hand-to-hand or with a shotgun. Once you kill them all, very quickly, heal yourself, reload the speargun and activate the Fire Mod.
Head real the emperor in the form of stasis and hit him repeatedly in the head with the modified beam rifle, until he dies.

Step 4: You will witness the scene of the emperor's resurrection, with just under half life. Hit him with the hunter's gun until he summons the scythes, then repeat step 2. In this phase the emperor will be defeated and you will get much rewards.

Labyrinth 2
Once you have the key to the maze and refueled at Ward 13, you can head to the Labyrinth to use the key and continue your adventure.
From the blocking point, going left you will open a portal for Corsus. Going to the right you will instead open a portal to a new world.


The green element
As always new world new enemies

Swordsman: agile warrior with swords, though fragile. If you have a good aim you can kill it with any weapon, otherwise a
Bat body : throw some balls of electricity, he is also fast and needs a good aim.

This map has many forks and several exits. Initially we went completely east

Immortal Altar
In this arena you simply have to kill all the enemies. The problem is that they are very, aggressive and you are in the minority. 

Crossbowman: there are many, two shots are fired at distance before reloading.
Warrior: with many spears he is lethal and resistant. You have to throw it down with the
Shaman medium-range shotgun : it falls down with a couple of shotgun blasts. Kill it before it cools you.
Giant: armed with a large hammer, hit it with a rifle or a medium-distance gun.

At the end of the fight, he can talk to Navun, get prizes and a new feature.

Hot clearing

Lance axes: unlike other warriors, from the distance throws two objects. It is agile and can easily avoid melee attacks
Dragon: attacks like a dog, but has an excellent ability to dodge attacks, especially melee. It is better to use a shotgun.

From the starting point head north to enter the next dungeon.

village The village will contain the same previous enemies. The advice is to stay at a distance using the rifle or gun of your choice. Replace any type of container, as they will be full of waste and iron.

Boss: the hot stuff
This boss is pretty simple. The clash will begin with a bat companion who will begin to clash with you alone. All you have to do is shoot it down with your gun while dodging its fiery attacks. At his death, the red hot will come into play, which is nothing but a crossbowman. It moves very quickly and is helped by two dragon dogs that regenerate after death a few seconds later. Avoiding his attacks is difficult as well as hitting him, but it does not cause too much damage. You have to be precise and choose the right time to shoot with the gun.

Red-hot Glade 2
Head to the lock post in the center of the fork and then to the south, then enter the portal

The Marauder's Meeting You
will now confront the marauder, a wolf boss. Wear items that promote melee damage defense. The wolf will have an easy life with you if you do not take shelter, it will destroy everything in front of you, except for the two central columns that are too strong for him. The tactic is to turn around one of these columns so as not to allow them to ambush you. Every now and then he will exit the scene and return with 3 crossbow allies. They are your priority, so as to keep the field clear of other problems. Once the raider has fallen, you will get 2 new features and other resources.

Founder's Prison Go
down to the lower floors to find Ford. Talk to him and he will give you a key to use in Ward 13

Ward 13

Return to Ward 13 and use the key in Ford's downstairs office. Activate the mirror with the terminal and enter inside

Ward 17
Walk down the corridors going down. You will not find enemies along the way to the checkpoint.

Enter the last room and interact with the dreamer. It will touch you and you will be transported to another dimension. You are about to face the final boss.

Final Boss

It is possible to defeat the final boss even alone. This is the configuration of the character I used to defeat him:

  • Feature Points: 101
  • Tank armor at least level +12
  • Gun of the Hunter at least level +12 with Mod to taste
  • Spoke Rifle level +15 with Fire Mod
  • Hammer level +15
  • A lot of health, resistance and elemental resistance
  • Rings and necklace that increase health and damage

Final Boss - Phase 1: Dreamer
In the first phase the Boss will be in the form of a dreamer. It's pretty easy to kill. Dodge the attacks by timing the movements well, aimed at the head with the hunter's gun. Don't worry about the Roots being summoned, do it only if they get too close. After a few blows, the Dreamer will be defeated and become the Nightmare

Final Boss - Step 2: Nightmare
With the setup I indicated above the boss is simple.
Initially it will pull fireballs at you, you will only have to dodge them. Do not hit it for any reason, but keep the speargun ready and loaded.
After 3 or 4 fireball launches the boss will teleport you into another dimension, where you will find yourself in an arena in the dark while taking constant and progressive damage. Run towards the portal that you will find in front of you: you can recognize it because it is the only spherical figure in front of you in a sea of ​​black. Your path will be called root. Every time you kill one you get an upgrade. This upgrade will temporarily make you stronger against the boss. The aim is therefore to get as many stack stacks as possible and then enter the portal. To be strong enough to face the boss you will have to accumulate at least 8 or 9 upgrade stacks. The more you get, the stronger you will be.

Exit the portal and as soon as you are outside perform the following operations quickly: care, rifle refill, fire mod activation, all while dodging fireballs. After that, aim the nightmare on the chest, exactly where the dreamer is, and fire with everything you have. If you damage it enough you will expose yourself, become vulnerable to your attacks. Again, fire with everything you have to make him suffer enormous damage. You can kill him in just one cycle of all this if you are very strong, otherwise it will take 2 or 3 cycles.
When the boss is killed, you will witness the final scene of the game.

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