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Gears 5:

Introduction and plot

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Solution Text

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Abandoned Factory

Start your adventure by climbing from the river and into the abandoned factory. Follow the path, you just have to follow the directions to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. Cross the bridge after yet another collapse and it will be the game to take you to your first fight, at the moment quite easy. Proceed to the grate and alzatela with the help of the Kite. Follow the path and overcome the clashes. Overcome the silo, and go to the opening blocked by the cables, use the circular saw to cut them and continue.
You will come to a point where you'll have to separate you into two teams, taking the road towards the silo to the right. Open the hatch and head inside. Continue along the tunnels, killing the Juvies. Proeguite, examined the bodies and open the opening to your left. Revenue and slips along the ventilation system, then abbassatevi to pass under the opening. You start a fire fight in which the whole team will help you. Continue by road between the enemies.

The Carrier will make its appearance. You'll have to the time to resist until the arrival of reinforcements, shooting him every time he opens the stomach. From the stomach will come out of the flying monsters which shoot them before they reach you. After about a minute, they bring in the reinforcements to kill the carrier at the first occasion.

Continue to the closed door. To the side of the red cover of the opening of the door there is a crack on the wall. Ask Dave to investigate, and he will open the door. You can wander around freely and explore the area devoid of monsters, you will recover ammo and some artifacts. Climb the stairs, go towards the opening closed with the cables and cut them. Inside, you can take full of weapons and ammunition. Go to the door where you have to lower yourself down to go and get ready for another firefight. Appear another powerful monster, that you can break down according and covered him by throwing of frag grenades. After the battle pick up the machine gun and continue.

From the point of entry in this arena, the office of the commander is esattmanete at the bottom, going up the stairs. The door will be closed, but if you look in the top right corner, you will find a ventilation duct. Do inspect the led by Dave, who will open the door. Inspected the office, and go to the safety deposit box. Ask Dave to use the zapper on the safe, and I will open it for you. After talking via radio with the Kite, go towards the closed door to the left of the entrance to the commander's office. Open it in two and continue. Are you looking for a way to the control room and get ready for a battle with many enemies.

Right in front of you there will be a panel that you could show to Dave. After a short sequence I cut from the rest of the group, and attempt to get to the top to unlock the slot of the silo. Kill the enemies and place the panels in a way that makes them used by Dave. Continue along the path, climb the stairs and press the button. After the short scene, kill the Juvies and will assist at the scene of the end of the level.


After the scene, you'll find yourself in the laboratory of Baird. Gather up the pieces to the inside of the lab and use them to update Jack. Then go to the polygon tool, learn to use the new skills of Jack. Finished the test you can exit from the laboratory. After a few steps you will encounter Fahz and you are confronted with him. After the scene you'll be free to move. Go to the opposite side of the gym and examined the dressing-room to get the update for Jack. Go then to the security door, press the button and continue. Start a video scene.

This is War

After the scene you will begin the fight standing with a gun. Jack via help and after killing the Juvies guests are helped by the rest of the team. Go towards the opening, continue and smashed the door along the path. The guards inside will be killed and you'll have to kill all of the Swarm. Climb the stairs, then exit from the window. Open the door and you will be treated to an encounter with a guard friend. Before entering look to the right panel to find a component. Revenue and inspect everywhere to find the components and resources. Then exits from the opening to witness such a scene.

Position yourself in a spot that has a view on the way to kill the Swarm, then get off and continue cleaning up the streets. Once cleaned, turn to obtain resources and weapons. Gather with the group and get ready for a new battle.

At the end you'll have to leave the area to go to the park. Half the arena you passed in front of a gate chained up. Go back there and smash the chains with the weapons, then continued. After the scene, take the road to the right towards the broken bridge and send Jack to take the component. Run to the other bridge to cross and continue the path.

Passed through the window of the broken airplane and assistant to the scene. Kill the Juvies and explore the area to find weapons and components. At the end you arrive in front of a door that you open with the help of the team. Go ahead and get ready for the clash.
Clear the area and go to the other side of the park. Stock up and get ready, the battle will be long. At the end you'll have to defeat the boss Snatcher. Attiratelo towards your turret and then aimed at his stomach.

The fortunes are reversed

Explore the area, then go towards the road on fire and turn to the right. You will find an emergency door to open. Take the upgrade for Jack. Now head towards the fire. To do so, Jack uses Stim on you and in that moment you pass through the fire to get free way to your goal. You can use Stim to pass through the areas on fire in the future. Go ahead and overcome yet another area burning with Stim to assist the attack of the Swarm flying towards the guards of the allied army. Prepare for the confrontation with the snipers Swarm. Listen to the dialogues and then proceed to the Hotel by breaking the gate.

Searched the area and then you enter the hotel from the warehouse. The area will be dark and Jack will light. Continue to get to the ground floor of the hotel. It will be full of robots turn off, which if turned on will be quite dangerous. Try to get behind them to stealth while they are off, and kill them with a single blow. Go to the door and open it, and enter another wing of the hotel. Explore the area then use the step to enter the banquet hall. Here you will have to face other robots. Go to the door, break the chain and continue. After the scene kill the Leeches and get ready to deal with a lot. Been behind the pillars and when they are far away shoot with everything you have. Open the door and go to the street, where there will be reinforcements.

Passed along the edges of the road, the reinforcements will kill all while you can still help them. Once you have cleaned up the road there will come a another colony of Leeches that you have to kill by shooting everything you have. At the end you will be able to kill them, but they will still kill the reinforcements. Continue the journey with your team. You will find yourself inside the theater. You search everywhere, and then open the large door at the end of the path. Go within, go to the bottom and pull the lever. The curtains will open to reveal civilian deaths and the boss to kill. Go to cover and from the cover run all the frag grenades you have. Finished the boss with the machine gun, giving priority to robots that will approach you. Once the boss dies, the robot will continue to arrive in mass. Kill them all, then go to the exit door on the right and continue.

Continue to arrive in the entrance hall of the theatre and assist the city in flames. We'll be meeting in Cole and Fahz, but also followed by a giant. Wrap up warm and shoot towards the scars on the orange, the weak points of the boss. Once brought to life very low and listen to the scene where the boss will eat a motorcycle. Shoot the motorcycle to make it explode and kill the boss. At this point will leave the scene of the end of the level.

Round of Recruitment

Controlled Kite now. Turn to the village where you can get resources and components. There is a lot to observe and many dialogues to listen to. You arrive at the security gate and pass over. One of the devices present in the village impazzirà and will start to let out the hot air, blocking the passage. Do repair the device from Jack. Continue the esplorazine of the village. You are coming close to a fence and will start the scene where you will find the boss, your uncle. After the scene you will be attacked, you will be given weapons and must defend the village.

Continue the path killing the enemies, you will arrive in front of a portal that will open and let out a Scion. Kill it. Revenue and recover everything that found, among which the ability to Trap for Jack. Use the trap in the point indicated by the game to kill the next group of enemies. Continue on and you'll have to kill one and Stop the other monsters smaller. Go back to the security gates, used the Jack to open them. Continue killing your enemies. Revenue in the Silverback and continue towards the main gates of the village. At that point, ask for help to move the objects: in that moment you will be captured by a Snatcher.

To activate a sort of mental control over the Swarm, you can control them. This is unfortunately not be able to avoid the death of the uncle of the Kite and the incident of the vision which Kite he had at the beginning of the chapter.
At the end of all you can attend to the vision of the scene of the end of the level.

Once you have regained control of the Kite , turn on the light, and climb on the slide.

In The Nature

You start by driving the sled along the path. Listen to the dialogues and stops the slide when you are close to the gates. Get off and turn left, then follow the path. Revenue in the control room of the gate, you open a Jack port of the service, and then that of the main gate. Once the gate is open lift the slide. Open the map and head towards New Hope. Stop by the red house half way to get the Relic Longshot. Also stop at the point where you find the abandoned trains. If you get off and enter the cave side you will enter a tunnel, where it will start the secondary mission: Hollow Storm.

Hollow Storm: go in the bottom of the tunnel where you find the train, and you will find a Carrier Swarm around the corner. Kill it, then get on the train to retrieve all the collectibles and resources. Go to the exit and help each other to exit from the tunnel. Climb above the slide.

Head to New Hope. Get off to the coordinates to inspect the camp of the strangers. Continue to the caves and get off. You'll find yourself in a forest.

Forest for the trees

For the moment, you only have to turn in search of the path. Come to the point where you have to lower yourself down to go forward. Continue to get in front of a door with the symbol COG. Proceed in the slot to watch a scene, then head towards the outside. Be careful of falling ice and continue. In front of the entrance of New Hope you will find a Stomper Swarm. Kill dress warmly with the ice sheets.

New Hope

Inspect the root zone and the two lateral doors. The door on the left holds ammo, the door to the right allows you to move forward. Go forward until you reach the circular hole that will be blocked. Go to the side to find a secondary entrance. Go to the outside and you will meet a Guardian enemy. The kill easily and you can take possession of his bat. Go ahead to the gate, if you want to first enter the door of the house to the side to find a component in the safe, then get help from your partner to enter the factory.

Continue, and use Stim to overcome the cloud of toxic gas. Get ready to face the robot, remembering that when you are disabled you should go behind them sneak in and disable them. Continue on the path to using Stim in order to overcome the toxic clouds. Open together the door and continue. Inside you'll get attacked by a colony of Leeches: shoot them with them at all for what you have. Open the new door and you will see your fall.

Listen to the dialogues, go ahead and use the Jack to get the component and open the door. Look for a door ajar, and open it. And' the room of one of the children used for the test. Break the glass and continue. Find the ladder and climb up. Searched the area along the long corridor to get to the room of the central server. Pull the lever and watch the scene. You'll get attacked by a colony of the swarm that will destroy the central server.

Now you have to escape. Run trying to avoid obstacles and clouds of gas. You arrive at the gate, go for it and get ready for the next clash. You'll have to escape by killing the enemies in your path. Revenue in the opening and slipped down. Get ready to face a couple of waves of enemies. The houses will be completely covered by the gas, after having killed all the enemies, you can switch to the right, you still need to use a lot of the Stim to go through all the clouds. Slipped down for the last time and then attend to a scene of dialogue.

The source of all

Continue to return to the slide, left and diretevi to the west. There you will find a closed door with a lock is encrypted. You would not have been able to access it before chapter New Hope. Now Jack will be able to open the lock and you enter.
The road in front of you will be barred but you can climb a ladder to continue. Kill all the enemies, then find the lock to the door and let it open by Jack. Back on the sled and continue the adventure.

Hollow Storm: stop by the Old Site of Derrick: you will proceed to the secondary mission of Hollow Storm. Follow the path killing all the enemies, including a guardian. Search well to find an object that will complete the second part of the secondary mission. Open the map and proceed to the point marked by the star.

Communication tower North

Get off of the sled and proceed to the tower. Check behind the hut to the right to find the Relic Boomshot. Go to the entrance to find a note. The entrance is locked, then you should turn sideways, exit the substation and continue on foot along the road side. Past the crows and go to the inside of the slot. Continue until you find the Swarm guarding a puddle turned to ice. You can throw a grenade to break the ice and to throw the enemies at the bottom. Kill the remaining enemies and proceed. From now on, you'll have to continue making you way killing the enemies. You are coming up to a ledge where you will be relieved from The. You have a vision, then you'll climb onto your partner and you can continue.

Searched the area until you get to the frozen lake, with many enemies and an enemy protected by a barrier. Kill all the enemies by exploiting the ice of the lake, and the drone that makes the work barrier. Once you've killed the drone sarù the time to kill the monster with the machine gun and the robot support. Continue on your path up on the trunk where there was the monster with the barrier, pick up the machine gun and you will find the entrance to a cave. Revenue and kill quickly, the guardian as they will be supported shortly by the other enemies the child. Out of the cave to reach an abandoned village full of robot inactive. Kill them stealthily to avoid clashes.

You find a door with the orange, and open it with the help of your partner. Do turn on the system by Jack and try to find the source of the signal. To do this, move the cursor along the map until you reach a signal of 100%. Then you have to decrypt it by pressing when the paddles turn green. Not all the signals will be good, you'll have to find the right one. The right signal is located to the south-east of the map. Do open the lock of the door to the Jack and continue to find in the next room, an upgrade for Jack. Used in the next room, the upgrade of concealment in order to overcome the turrets without problems. Now go back to the slide, by the way by killing enemies.

The point of the Crash of the Condor: Stop with the sled, walk, and passed along the slit. You will be attacked by robot allies, probably fail to recognize as such. Destroy them, you'll have to destroy a robot machine gun rather difficult. Finally, you have to check with the boss helicopter. One shot to the engines and will be destroyed. Go towards the opening that was formed from the crash and then open the safe from Jack. Will you complete the mission, improving the Stim Jack. Back on the sled.

The old Site Derrick: come on in the last site of the Derrick near the point of the crash of the Condor. Climb up the ladder, and inspect the panel yellow. Before you do that you'll get attacked by the swarm. Once killed, inspected the panel, yellow for the last part of the upgrade to the Flash Jack. Go back to the slide.

The point of the Crash of the Condor 2: another point of crash, which will be at the center of the map along the road towards the tower of the south-east. You will find yourself in front of an arena spacious where you will be first attacked by many robots and then by the two colonies to swarm. Once you overcome these enemies to continue, and unlocked the safe at the end of the path to get a new enhancement. Head back now to the slide.

Substation East: Stop at the substation, the east, near the point marked by the star, open the door and enter it. You will find the body of Lena froze, and the notes of the access codes. Go back to the slide and move to the substation north.

Substation North: come back to the substation north and you can open the portal locked. Revenue and you will find the brother of Lena transformed into a Swarm, you'll have to kill him. You open the safe Jack to get an upgrade. Go back to the slide.

East Station

You arrive at the east station and proceed towards the opening. On the other hand there is a storm waiting for you. Follow the road, beware of collapses and continue. When you need to get them to cover behind the rocks or wait until the worse passes. Once arrived near the entrance of the cave you can expect a complicated battle with the Swarm. The term revenue in the cave. Go to the hill. You will come to a point where you have a Carrier in front. After a few seconds, however, fall in the gully, allowing you to continue. Go ahead and fly with the fighting and avoiding the ice in the fall. You arrive at the port of entry. Open it and enter the tower.

Just come in, you'll have a vision, continue down the stairs. Bet the air duct and Jack will go in order to restore power to the tower. Now Jack may be used to activate the console. Again you'll have to scan the map in search of the laboratory. It is located to the north-east. Open the right door and inspect the room then continued. Open the door, orange, and exits to the outside. Follow the road to return to the departure point and get back on the sled.

You arrive at the coordinates you can find, but there is nothing. In reality, the laboratory is under the ice. It is not possible to go down to the lab, but Marcus, via radio, he suggests to go in an old abandoned mine in the vicinity of the explosives to use to get off. Then follow the coordinates to the mine.

Abandoned Mine

Get off of the sled and continue. Turn left and you will find a crack in the wall that will reveal the entrance to the mine. Searched the area, go to the left and you will find yourself in front of an open-pit mine with a very broad, full of trains and tracks. Look around you, turn left to slide down. You will find of the swarm to expect. Let them out with the submachine-gun. Go to the door orange and tell Jack to open it. At this time you will be attacked by the swarm behind you. Kill them. Open the door, orange and ride the elevator.

Turn right and enter the mine, after the vision, continue on your path. Open the gate and you're in. Searched the area, open the front door yellow. Destroy all of the bulbs red, then continue towards the next gate. Here you will have battling against a Snatcher. Commanded Jack to retrieve the gas cylinder (is lit yellow). As soon as Jack restores the tank, you will see enemies Swarm from a step that will be your escape route. Continue, and go to the gate of the entrance to the mine to exit and complete the area.
Now try to go back by passing on the bridge, you'll have to kill enemies, strong enough, entered the cab of the train at the bottom and open the door to continue. Take the road on the contrary to return to the slide, there will be more enemies to block you.

Go back to the coordinates of the secret lab and activate the bottle of phosphorus.

Little secrets, dirty

The first part of the chapter will be a vision. The visions become more and more strong. Remove the block and passed along the slit, after the vision to explore the area. Turn right and enter, you will find a generator. Tell Jack to do something and turns it off. Now get out and go completely to the left. Use Stealth to pass the rays of the turrets without problems. Tell Jack to turn off this generator and you can finally disable the turrets and get inside.
You will be treated to a choice, then you will be in a secret lab. Follow Niles.

The Secret Laboratory

Niles stops because it is blocked by the escape of liquid. Follow the stairs and open the door at the top. You will find a generator to turn off to Jack. Back. Get in the lab and esploratelo. Follow Niles always and until the end.
After several dialogues and scenes, you'll have to solve the problem of another loss of liquid. Used Stim to pass the room and tell Jack to turn off the generator. Continue to follow Niles and enjoy the scenes.

At the end of the whole to resume the control of the Kite and you'll have to reach Niles. Are you looking for a way to escape, you'll have to open a panel, and break the sheet of ice that will be later. You will find in the control room where you will find the body of the real Dr. Niles. You can use it to resolve the emergency. Continue on the path. Awaits you in the next arena, a battle against the creatures of Dr. Niles. At the end of the fight, pull the lever, and revenue.
Reported to Jack the fan up to the right. In the meantime, you'll have to fight against other creatures in a battle challenging enough. At the end enter the door, pull the lever and watch the scene. How to take control of the Kite get away.

You have to find Niles. The best way is to follow the trail of enemies that try to stop you. Use the cannon Cryo to freeze them and continue. Follow the trail of green leaves Niles to follow him and reach him. Arrived at the frozen lake will make his entrance to the matriarch, which will kill Niles, and will remain trapped in the ice. You will still have to deal with it for the kill.

Go to his shoulders and colpitela, is its weak point. After several strokes you a break from ice, you have to go near another slab of ice, break it, and let us fall into the matriarch. After a few shots Kite will fall within a vision, as the matriarch drops of life, the vision becomes stronger. The mechanics of this boss is always the same in every way. Once you defeat you will attend the scene of the end of the level.

The possibility of a Clash

At the end of the scene you'll find yourself in an environment, this time, desert, in what was once an airport. Go down the stairs in search of Baird. Once found you will get a new upgrade for Jack. Now go talk with Paduk, which will give you a secondary mission and will allow you to begin to explore the map. Open the gate to exit and you will be treated to a scene where will JD and Fahz. You can still explore the area around you, when you're ready hop on the sled.

Central water: your goal is to restore the water reserves. Just come in, you'll get attacked by the swarm, but this time you are five. At the end of the fight, you'll free up the nomad prisoner.

Space Station

Parked the sled and go in the complex. You will find a door to open with the help of a member of the team. Continue up to the large living room. You will see an illuminated room and is inaccessible. Commanded Jack to send a pulse to see if there are elements which can be used in the living room. The impulse will find a ventilation duct in which the Jack may be raised to open the access to the lighted room. Revenue and continue the path, go through the opening and up the stairs. Get ready for the clash, at the end climb the stairs and open the door. Searched the area and then get off.

The road is blocked, commanded Jack to activate the winch. Can activate two but only one will allow you to continue. Continue on and you will have again the problem of the blocked road. Inspect the area near the block to find a switch that Jack will be able to activate to open the passage. Get ready because you'll have to fight as soon as the winch will relieve the passage. Climb to the right and climb on the roof, where you find the scale route. Look in the top left to find a switch that can be activated by Jack. Passed by the other side, follow the road until the end, jump down and turn right towards the barred door, which you can open by breaking the chain. Inside you will find supplies. Turn right and go straight.

Destroy the robot ahead of you. Continue up to the door opening with the help of a partner. Activated the two terminals on the right and on the left, then you turn on the centrifuge by Jack. Revenue in the arena, you go to the center, being careful not to be affected by the centrifuge, remove the robot and pull the two levers located on the machine. Get ready for a battle with the swarm, at the end of the centrifuge will break. Go to the point indicated by the marker mission, and do analyze to the lighthouse by Jack. The fact that you can search for the route to the exit. Open the portal and continue the path. You will find yourself outside, in the middle of the storm. Fight against the swarm while avoiding the trees, then passed on to the other side of the area. You will find a closed door that Jack will open, but it will take time. In the meantime, use the machine gun turret to fend off the Swarm. Once rejected revenue in the door and continue. You will find out, you can finally get back to the sled and continue the adventure.

Go back to the airport and talk with Baird. You can install the new component Barrier on Jack. Just the fact that you will be attacked by the Swarm: you'll have to fight first in the area to the Hangar, then close to the Raven. We recommend you use a machine gun. At the end of the attack climb back on the sled and proceed to the Station of the rocket.

Before you get there, you will receive a transmission from Paduk and will ask you to head to the Old City to help the nomads attacked by the Swarm. The fights will start, finished you can go back on the slide and observe Baird who left the scene with the Raven.

The ruins of the City: explore this area to get resources and upgrades. After having met the nomads turn left, and continue. You will find a door to unlock. Ask Jack to do it, and get ready for the clash with the Swarm. Revenue, continue and searched the area. Once you have found the circuit the green you have completed the area. You will need two other circuits to enhance the ability of Jack. Go back to the slide.

Central water 2: parked the sled. You will find the place full of Swarm. Cleaned up the area and you will find the indicator in the shape of a drop of water to a switch that Jack will turn on. After the activation you will have completed this area.

Central water 3: it is located next to the railway Station for the Rocket. Parked the sled and revenue. Go down and talk to the nomad near the control panel. Turn around and reject the Swarm. Done this ask Jack to activate the switch. Complete the third mission and the water will be restored. Will a nomad with an upgrade. Bring to enhance the concealment team, that can give you Jack.

Station of the Rocket

Parked and continued up to the tank. Already from here, you will find many Swarm guarding the passage. Make your way as you walk into the station: you can use the barrels of incendiary devices against the Swarm. At the end of the path you will find a door, open it with the help of a partner and you'll be on the inside.
Take the stairs and turn right to go down. Walk down the dark hallway with the light that reflects on the finetre, open the door 2. Pull the lever to turn on the lights, then head into part of the room with the monitor on the wall and tell Jack to activate the switch below. Wait until the end of the dialogues and then go through the new door to continue. Go down the stairs and searched the area in search of resources and trading. Climb up and go straight. Continue towards the area of the elevator 99. Nearby you will find a switch that Jack will turn on. Jump on the lift and let it run: will take you to the other side of the hangar. Open the door 3.

Continue along the path required, then prepare yourself for a battle with the Swarm that block the passage. Searched the area in search of resources and trading, then past the door with the 2. Kill the Swarm. Look for the door to go, when you find him it will be opened by the Swarm that you will tend a trap. Move quickly and kill them. Go to the door, let it open by Jack. Hide and get ready to repel the Swarm and the strong guardian. Continue through the new passage and follow the corridor down. Open the door to find the cone.

Revenue in the elevator to move. Then climb the stairs and find the lever to press. You will see the body of the rocket line up with the cone, but is blocked. Go to the body of the rocket and examine it to make a kick. Do it again to make it move, but you'll get attacked by the Swarm. Go back on the elevator and activate it. You will be attacked while you are in flight, or the drive then you land, exit the elevator and kill all the swarm. Once you have killed the soldiers, you will be attacked by two colonies of leeches.
Activate the lever indicated by the indicator, the mission and the missile will be aligned. Back on the elevator.

Press the lever, then go past the door. Climb the stairs and follow the rocket along its path, of course killing all the Swarm. Come to the dark hallway, pick up anything that you find and pass the door. Slide down and kill the swarm. Proceed in the long corridor where you have to kill a Carrier. Do unlock the door at the bottom by the Jack. In the next room, climb up the service elevator and continue. Back to the control room open the door with the door 2 and proceed to the exit. You can now go back to the slide.

Head to the Bridge of the Train, once there you will see him rise up and you can go.

Artillery battery: enter inside and destroy the shell that you have in front to free up a nomad for now, will fight together with you. Continue the path and freed from other nomads. Once you have found the circuit the green you have completed the mission.

Cargo Abandoned: enter into the arena, look into the container in front of you to find a Silverback. You will be attacked by many Swarms and robot, but you will be helped by the power of fire to your vehicle. Once you have killed all the enemies, look for the last circuit, the green to complete the mission and get a new expansion team. You can climb on the slide.

The Condor Dropped to stop and fight the robots guarding the condor crashed. You open the safe to Jack to find a component.

Turntable Train

Just come in, you'll have to defend yourself. Proceed to your left and follow the trail of the enemies, who you will involve in fights complicated. Open the door and continue. Tell Jack to activate the switch to start the train.
Back on the sleigh and followed the train. You will receive a communication from Paduk, angry because you have not lowered the bridge after passing the first time. You should run with the list facing the storm and various obstacles in a race aagainst the time to get to the control tower of the bridge and lower it. The control tower and kill the Swarm very quickly and arrive at the control tower. You will find the control panel destroyed. Arm yourself with a rocket launcher, look at the bridge and aimed toward the two large hooks yellow that hold up the bridge. Destroy them and the bridge will fall. You continue to defend yourself from the attacks of the Swarm, and get back on the sled. Head towards the station of the Rocket.

Station of the Rocket-2

Revenue again in station for the final phase of this level, desert. Once inside rounds in the main control room, get off in the area containing the missile, and pull the lever. You will be treated to a scene where a Snatcher will destroy the upper part of the missile. You will have to go there and repair the damage, but you will be the first involved in a couple of fights challenging. Go the point where the missile is bent, please turn the switch to the Jack and the missile will make. Expect that the elevator will take you to the top, then kill the Juvies that come to you. Start a video scene.

A small Step

Over the video scene, your objective is to escape. Used the drain, but you will be attacked by a gigantic monster. Hit the weak points on the tentacles to damage it. Once freed from the grip, follow the indicator of the mission to continue to fall. Repeat again to release you from the grip a second time, then head to the green terminal and press the shutter button, to get down quickly with the elevator. Now you will have battling against the Kraken. Hit it in the weak points. At a certain point, the missile will begin the sequence to launch the roasting of the kraken with the engines. You in the meantime escaped through the opening on the right.


After the long scene, head to the left, make your way against the Swarm. At the end climb on the machine upside down, the Hammer will give you a passage to the next area. Continue straight on and inspected, then get off at the next floor. You'll have to check with a Swarmak. Ignore it and continue the side killing all the Swarm along the way. Planted the beacon in the position shown, and look at the beam and kill with ease the Swarmak and the other Swarm in the square. Now you have to reach Paduk, from where you have left the lighthouse open the door to the left and continue. Turn left, slide down, kill the robot and swarm along the way. Arrived in the open area you'll have to face a swarm rocket launcher and other enemies.

Follow indicator of mission, will lead you to a closed manhole, that Jack will be able to open. Cut the wires and go. Go under the pipes and you'll end up in the tombs. Open the door of the entrance and kill all the enemies inside the tomb: it will be a hard-fought battle. At the end ask Jack to retrieve the lighthouse remained stranded at the top, then sustain it with the requested point from the marker mission. You will be attacked by many of the Swarm strong, but the rays will do almost all the work. You must stay hidden and not to kill, and only hit the Swarm that will attack you. In the end, it will start the scene that will show Queen Reyna.

You have to make a decision terrible: save JD or THE. The other will be killed by Queen Reyna.

The Fall

You'll find yourself underground with Jack and with the partner that you have decided to save. Are you looking for a way out, you pass, but you will be trapped by the collapse. Just when it seems that everything is lost, will come the Cole come and save you. Turn around and climb up, then open the door to exit from the building is about to collapse. Make your way against the Swarm. Continue entering and exiting from the bus, and then pass through the opening under the bridge. We gather together with Marcus, and you'll have to kill all of the Swarm. At the end comes a scene where they all gather and rattristeranno for the loss of JD or, depending on the choice taken by Kite.

To resume the control of the Kite over to the van. You'll have to defend it from the attacks of the Swarm, both in the movement is once blocked by debris. Once back over to the van, you will arrive at the place of the block. There he will make his entrance to the Kraken. After the scene you'll have to escape again to the next point of the block. Defend the lines, then climb the stairs. Revenue in the turret and defend the walls from the Leeches.

At this point he will make his entrance to the Kraken, which you'll have to kill aiming at languages. Once you have destroyed the language, head to the cannon blue, activate it and targeted the Kraken. You'll have to do it twice. After a few seconds you will start a scene where Jack will knock on the inside of the Kraken, and will the rays from the sky to destroy it, sacrificing himself.

Congratulations, you have completed Gears 5!

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