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Final Fantasy 16: Plot of the game

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An epic dark fantasy world whose fate rests in the hands of the mighty Eikons and their Dominants. This is the story of Clive Rosfield, a warrior who has been invested with the title of First Shield of Rosaria and sworn to protect thehis younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix.Soon Clive will be involved in a great tragedy and will swear vengeance on the Eikon Ifrit, a dark and mysterious entity that brings with it a great calamity.

The cheats in our possession are valid for PC / PS5 and they should be all the valid ones since the game came out, that is 21/06/2023. We update the list of consoles every time.

Discover 3 cheats and cheat codes for Final Fantasy 16 (PC / PS5): Fast spell cooldown and full teamwork techniques meter.

Available on this site is also the walkthrough for Final Fantasy 16: a video guide composed of videos taken from YouTube will guide you from the beginning to the end of the game and often also through the secrets and collectibles inside the game. You can find all of this in our official page dedicated to the Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough

For this game we also have the promo trainer! A trainer is a software that allows you to unlock a lot of cheats.

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Cheats: Tips and tricks to apply during the game

Cheats Final Fantasy 16: Tips and tricks to apply during the game

Make the gaming experience unique with these tips and tricks

Cheats: 12 essential combat tricks

Guide to skills and usable combos

Trainers and cheat codes for this game

Trainers for Final Fantasy 16 are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the game, mainly with the aim of cheating. These functionalities are not available in other ways. Click on the preferred trainer to download it:
Download Page Endless Space 2 (1.036 S5 / +4)
  • Unlock Debug/Cheat Menu
  • Give All Resources
  • Set Skill Points of Selected Hero
  • Set Specialization Points of Selected Hero
Download Page Final Fantasy 16 (hotfix 2 / +26)
  • Invulnerable (Player Team)
  • Unlimited Health (Player Team)
  • Unlimited MP (Player Team)
  • Full Teamwork Techniques Meter
  • Unlimited Spell Charges
  • Fast Spell Cooldown
  • Unlimited Elemental Energy
  • Unlimited Gil
  • Fast XP Gain
  • Item Multiplier
  • Unlimited Gas
  • Unlimited Crafting Potion/Items and Magic Flask Slots
  • Unlimited AP
  • Easy Fishing
  • Unlimited Chocobo Stamina
  • Unlimited Arminger
  • Unlimited Gladiolus Rage Meter
  • Fast Fill Gladiolus Valor Meter
  • Increase Player Team Speed
  • Decrease Player Team Speed
  • Set Normal Player Team Speed
  • Easy Kills
  • Decrease Enemy Speed
  • Increase Enemy Speed
  • Freeze Enemies
  • Set Normal Enemy Speed
  • Game Speed
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